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  1. I guess you have lots of practice with "interesting" names... people seem to have a problem with "Spradley"

    "Spalsley" "Sparsely" "Spalding"

  2. Gotcha! Cool, I was just wondering, I haven't seen you post in a bit and you always make me chuckle. That and the fact that I like saying your name, jay-sssssssssPRAD-lee.
  3. Are you on Facebook?!/profile.php?id=1275954243

  4. Oh... well that doesn't suprise me in the least. lol
  5. Lol, no, "Dash-anda" is from Atlanta,just outside of it actually. The Conyers area, if you know the state. A-Town Represent What!?!What!?!
  6. So the "-" is pronounced "D".... jesus do you work in Albany, GA??!?!? lol
  7. Oh no's, you have to pronounce the "-", Dashanda, I want so so badly to ask her mom why they went with the abbreviation, but she's a little prickly... Oh well, it provides me lots of entertainment!
  8. At least you appreciated it! haha I love it when folks get butthurt over making fun of sexism... lol!

    That makes me sad... is it pronounced "anda"?
  9. As ridiculous as it seems, I've been laughing for days at D'shwasha, mostly because I tutor a girl named -Anda. Seriously, the start of her name is "-". Gotta love it!
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