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  1. I am currently at the end of my first week of a bulletproof rapid fat loss protocol. I have only had coffee with pasture fed butter and MCT oil, and supplements including, krill oil, Vit D3, K2, C, Mag, K+, Liposomal Glutathione, BCAA's, L-Glatamine, and charcoal.There is a refeed day on day 6 or it can be done on day 4. I am doing this because a year ago I successfully used an atkins based diet to drop 25 pounds and despite going off it kept it off for this past year. When I went back to it this year to try and drop another 25 pounds ,( I am a 182 lb 5'6" 40y.o female) the scale wasn't moving, I seemed to be stuck. This fast seemed to be a great kick start. It makes sense to me that with fat only being ingested that my body would go to my fat stores only for fuel. Can I continue for a few weeks to gratify myself with with some rapid weightloss before turning to your LR which I discovered tonight? And does it follow along the same lines?
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