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  1. Just happened to think... I'm on facebook finally! Just send you a friend request. Don't laugh -- I've got about 12 friends so far, I'm new to this. :)
  2. I reeeaaaally wish I could! I have some family out in AZ that keeps inviting me to visit too. Pretty stuck for the next couple months though, working full time and taking night classes. If I do (hopefully) take a trip out west it'll be early fall.

    Awesome news about university, you've gotta be pumped for that! Which one and what major? You still doing PT or change to something new?
  3. Dude, I could not live over there with all the humidity and bugs! You should come visit AZ, prime season right now for bouldering up in Flagstaff--Priest Draw and all that, greeeeeaaaaaaat stuff! And yeah I'm good, just finishing up a summer calc class and then starting university in the fall! I really think you should come hang out!!!
  4. íHola amiga!

    Not bad. Pretty busy at the moment, working and school and such -- totally loving summer tho! :) I actually just got back from checking out and helping to develop some AMAZING new bouldering in Pennsylvania. This place is going to be ridiculous by the end of the year, finger friendly sandstone and beautiful features everywhere. Unfortunately, I can't climb for crap right now (lol) because this is the worst season for it in the northeast (relentless trifecta of bugs, heat, and humidity for 2 solid months), but I'm super psyched for September to get here, it's going to be a great fall.

    How's summer (and life in gen.) treating you?
  5. Hey bro how ya been???
  6. I know, I'm sick of the gym! I hope I"m able to go outside pretty soon, should be.....

    Went to the Black Keys concert last night bro, it was AMAZING. They're incredible live.

    Let me know when you make Facebook lol
  7. Haha, no... no Facebook yet. Someday, I swear!

    Gym climbing is cool, but why are you not getting outside? No excuse not to where you're from! I'm heading to the Gunks this weekend. Super psyched (even though I'm rusty)!
  8. I'm glad you can finally go boulder again! I still haven't gotten to go outside...lots of gym climbing though!

    You make a Facebook yet bro?

    I'm totally jealous of your bouldering...glad you're having fun though!
  9. You still out there clymb?

    The snow is finally gone and I'm out bouldering again (God I missed it, lol)!

    You been getting out much? Conquer any more 5.11s lately?
  10. Lol, I hear ya on the obsession factor! I think it's because of the state it puts you in mentally. It's very easy to slip into "the zone" when climbing -- you don't even realize it usually, you're just 100% engaged and in the moment. It's extremely satisfying. Something about climbing seems to make this state easy to attain.

    ...makes me think those eastern religions are on to something with all their focus on mindfulness and meditation!

    Yeah, I think I've actually been climbing almost 10 years now, but I've only really been taking it seriously (like, trying to push my limits) for the last few.

    Ok - Facebook will be a priority this week! Lol, organizing climbing sessions is prob 98% of what I'll use it for.
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