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  1. Wow, you kick ass at bouldering, bro! Lol. I love how it's so simple, not really any gear, that's kind of why I wouldn't ice climb as well. Pretty sick to be climbing frozen waterfalls and shit though, very aesthetic.

    Yeah I think it's been...10 months? Maybe 10. Not that long, but it's become my obsession/addiction, lol. As much as I love yoga and am going to teach it and everything, I would give it up before I'd give up climbing. In fact, I think I'd give up EVERYTHING before I'd give up climbing! And thanks, I know the grades aren't the main thing either, but it's nice to see how you've progressed. That's part of what's great about climbing, there's always something harder to do and work towards. Didn't you say you'd been climbing for 5 years or something?

    Bro, you have to join the cool kids and make a Facebook. I didn't want to either and then I finally gave in. Really helps for organizing climbing and things with lots of people!
  2. Never had an interest in ice climbing. Something about all the tools involved -- I'd rather just use my hands. Plus it's so damn cold, lol.

    Ah what I wouldn't give for a good gym sesh right now. All I need is a climbing gym within 200 miles of me. So you've only been climbing 9 months? Nice job on the 5.11 range -- that's some rapid progress! As much as climbing really isn't about grades it's still so cool to reach a new one. I'm hoping this spring I get to double digits in my bouldering, I sent a handful of 9's last year, but got shutdown on all my 10+ projects.

    Haha, thanks for the invite but I'm the only person on Earth without a Facebook page. Been saying I'll make one for 2 years now. Maybe with spring break next week I should just sit down and do it!
  3. That's really lame about your long winters...ever try any ice climbing??

    Do you have Facebook? You can friend me on there if you want, I'm friends with Rivvin from here lol.!/cosima913

    So I totally had the best gym sesh ever the other day...I've been climbing for about 9 or 10 months and have finally made it to climbing happy! Lol. Bouldering good too. Super excited brosef!

    It is so hot here all of a sudden--around 90! Can't wait to go climb outside. I've got the spring climbing fever. How long 'til you're able to go outside?

    Have a good night :)
  4. Yeah I have seen her -- definitely shows the benefits of primal living!

    The new pic is actually from my very last send of the season, so yeah, it's my most recent climbing pic. Unfortunately that's not saying much, as it was taken in November. Lol. That's what NY winters do to us. It's a long, long offseason.

    At least I'm well rested when spring comes. :)
  5. Yeah that pic is actually from a couple weeks ago, lol. It's like 80 degrees today.

    I'm glad you like the book! GCBC is better but much more intense. I'd like to read it again actually. I finally got Mark's book and am reading it--have you seen his wife??? Daaaaaammmmmmmnn

    So have you gone climbing lately then? Or is that pic just old since it's so cold where you are?
  6. Hey thanks! Fun to switch it up occasionally.

    ...and same to you btw! Is that new pic current? The sun, warm clothes, and inviting pool behind you are getting me depressed about living up here in the frozen tundra.

    Oh, I got Why We Get Fat in the mail this weekend. It was definitely awesome. In all honesty, I liked GCBC more, but regardless: Taubes = The Man.
  7. Nice new pic bro!
  8. Why We Get Fat is reallllly good--love it. Makes you think, for sure. And that's really saying something since I'm already a believer in this way of eating/life.

    Lol kan-jam sounds funny.

    Yeah I bet Shiva would be a good climber! But then again Chris Sharma is awful at yoga, so maybe it doesn't work vice-versa:


    Same here about fiending for the boulders, man. I'm much better at climbing sport but either way is cool with me...I really wanna go out to Priest Draw or something. I haven't even been able to hit the gym in a week. Fuckin' lame.

    Have a good day bro :)
  9. Oh nice, how is Why We Get Fat? That's next on my list.

    Good call on tequila. Whiskey makes me throw up from the smell alone though, ugh.

    Shiva is amazing, I watched a few youtube clips of her in action. I love seeing people move with that kind of control and fluidity. I WISH I could do that. She'd make an awesome climber. :)

    ...speaking of which, I'm seriously fiending for the boulders lately. Winter needs to move along.

    Oh, and think of kan-jam as a cross between horseshoes and frisbee -- with lots of diving at it's best.
  10. I love Good Calories Bad Calories! Gary Taubes is my hero. I'm reading his new one, Why We Get Fat, right now. And Mark's book just came in the mail, I'm excited. I've read Robb Wolf's book as well, and I agree, it's great.

    I like whiskey and tequila :)
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