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Conversation Between Clymb and Rivvin

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  1. Dude we need to be friends on FB again, totally made a new one and you are missing from it!
  2. Hey at least you're making progress! That'll be awesome when you can go back to jiu-jitsu, just be careful not to fuck yourself up again, lol.

    And it's lame bro, no pics or anything yet...when it's lookin' cool I'll be sending links to everyone, so just wait my dear friend ;)
  3. I'm mobile, I just can't do any leg work... I am doing lots of upper body weight work, lol. I think I'm cleared to start riding a bike in 3 - 4 weeks and I can go back to jiu jitsu in another 2 - 3 months maybe? Learning to practice patience quite a bit at the moment...

    Where is your website? I want to see it!
  4. How much longer until you're...idk...more mobile?? Lol what can you do at the moment?

    I'm ok, just concentrating on yoga and climbing. I made business cards and a website for my yoga, so hopefully I can get that going more. I missed talkin' to ya bro!
  5. It's going great, thanks for asking! I've still got a long damn way to go, but it's a slow and steady progress. Getting plenty of upper body work at the moment, lol.

    What about you? How's life?
  6. Hey man, how's it goin'?? Hope therapy's going well!
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