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    So funny! You're prob with the gym is just like mine with the VS. I went there because of my interest in health & wellness and because I wanted to help people. In reality it's more about sales goals. Plus a lot of the supplement industry is just BS. I'm sick of companies trying to convince people they need a fat burner to lose weight, what a joke.

    Lol, def go for the waitress job -- your "tight pants plan" is pretty golden! I was a bartender in Myrtle Beach for a year, SO fun, and awesome money... and you'd prob make twice what I did.

    I've been primal since about October. You? My ex-gf had IBS so I suggested we go gluten-free, which led me to learning about grains, then paleo, etc.

    I'm into a lot. Climbing obviously, hiking, camping, snowboarding, running distance, love kan-jam and ping-pong, played soccer for years, basketball. I read constantly, love philosophy, music (I drive everyone nuts with damian marley), and photography even though I suck, lol.

    Your turn brosef! :p
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    technically, I started about 8 or 9 years ago. I got really strong and started working in the local gym where i lived at the time. Unfortunately, I decided to move to seattle, and never found a gym i liked out there - mostly because i didn't have any friends that were into it. That lead to 5 years or so of not climbing. I moved to Milwaukee, and met a few other climbers, so i got back into it. I guess I'd say I've been back at it for about a year and a half, which would mean about 5-6 years total. Sorry that was so long.

    I mostly boulder, but I've been spending a bit more time on top rope/leading(sport). Trad is terrifying. I can top rope up to around 5.11+ and lead around 5.10. My biggest issue is endurance for the longer routes. I need to start working on that I guess.
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    oh, and I'm the lucky one? I am really grateful to have a gym within 10-15 min from my work. Unfortunately, I've killed most my projects now, and everything else seems unattainable. I'm stuck in the V5/V6 range, and have been for a while.
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    Hell yes. I'm a biochemistry major. You know what would be awesome? The biochemistry of cooking. Whoa..
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    I'm climbing tonight and tomorrow. Maybe on friday too. My membership expires this month, so I have to pull together another $300 by the 21st...
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    It was delicious! I know the owner of the restaurant though and he came around toward the end insisting on giving us free dessert. I didn't want to be rude and decline, so I wound up with creme brule, lol. Oh well, special occasion I guess.

    How are you managing to study yoga and PT at the same time? It must be quite the workload. And what's this job that you're so sick of? Are you doing something with PT yet? Working in a clinic of some sort?

    I'm actually the manager of a health/supplements store called The Vitamin Shoppe. Been doing it for 2 years (since I graduated with my Bachelor's). Decent job, but I could never work retail my whole life. The longer I'm there the more I realize that the world of retail is the exact opposite of who I am, which is why I went back for my grad degree this year.

    I'm on my way to bed now but I'll definitely check out Shiva Rea tomorrow. Thanks for the link!
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    thankfully, i was able to eat. Breathing was the issue and I had temp around 104. I was basically just laying around miserable. Watched a few movies and played some video games... not a whole lot of fun.
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    i just got over being sick like death for the past week... Everyone i spend any time with had if too - it was inescapable. Thankfully, I'm just about done with it. As a result, I've just kinda been lurking here without any real input on any of the threads...
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    Go PT! That's awesome. I wish I knew more yoga. I "do" yoga, but just the random poses I've taught myself. Learned a lot from Iyengar's books but I'm always trying to learn more. Any books/dvds you recommend?

    That's one hell of a meal -- you guys did well today! I've got v-day dinner tonight at my fav restaurant, psyched for my usual: one massive haddock fillet stuffed with crabmeat, cheese, and balsamic! Hooray food!
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    Ah, Oregon. The land of Steve Prefontaine and pine trees!.. is about all I know about that state, haha. Yeah, I don't think I'd want to live in Phoenix for too long, I'd prefer something less urban. Sedona and Flagstaff always looked awesome in pictures, but maybe they're big cities too, I don't know. You west coasters have all the cool states though -- Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, California -- all the rugged, mountainy places.

    All we have up here are the Adirondacks and the Appalachian Trail. Not fair. :p

    I graduate in 2013. I'm in a grad program for physical therapy, so I'm stuck in my little northeastern world for a couple more years. You?
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