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    You still out there clymb?

    The snow is finally gone and I'm out bouldering again (God I missed it, lol)!

    You been getting out much? Conquer any more 5.11s lately?
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    Lol, I hear ya on the obsession factor! I think it's because of the state it puts you in mentally. It's very easy to slip into "the zone" when climbing -- you don't even realize it usually, you're just 100% engaged and in the moment. It's extremely satisfying. Something about climbing seems to make this state easy to attain.

    ...makes me think those eastern religions are on to something with all their focus on mindfulness and meditation!

    Yeah, I think I've actually been climbing almost 10 years now, but I've only really been taking it seriously (like, trying to push my limits) for the last few.

    Ok - Facebook will be a priority this week! Lol, organizing climbing sessions is prob 98% of what I'll use it for.
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    Never had an interest in ice climbing. Something about all the tools involved -- I'd rather just use my hands. Plus it's so damn cold, lol.

    Ah what I wouldn't give for a good gym sesh right now. All I need is a climbing gym within 200 miles of me. So you've only been climbing 9 months? Nice job on the 5.11 range -- that's some rapid progress! As much as climbing really isn't about grades it's still so cool to reach a new one. I'm hoping this spring I get to double digits in my bouldering, I sent a handful of 9's last year, but got shutdown on all my 10+ projects.

    Haha, thanks for the invite but I'm the only person on Earth without a Facebook page. Been saying I'll make one for 2 years now. Maybe with spring break next week I should just sit down and do it!
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    Yeah I have seen her -- definitely shows the benefits of primal living!

    The new pic is actually from my very last send of the season, so yeah, it's my most recent climbing pic. Unfortunately that's not saying much, as it was taken in November. Lol. That's what NY winters do to us. It's a long, long offseason.

    At least I'm well rested when spring comes. :)
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    Hey thanks! Fun to switch it up occasionally.

    ...and same to you btw! Is that new pic current? The sun, warm clothes, and inviting pool behind you are getting me depressed about living up here in the frozen tundra.

    Oh, I got Why We Get Fat in the mail this weekend. It was definitely awesome. In all honesty, I liked GCBC more, but regardless: Taubes = The Man.
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    Thanks for stopping by! I have not read the book yet so I really can't say I know a lot. I have read the forum back and forth and then some. I am buying the book in early March as part of my birthday present. A lot of it comes from hanging out with people that follow this WOL and from my life experiences.
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    Thanks! And yea, us climbers need to stick together :P
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    Oh nice, how is Why We Get Fat? That's next on my list.

    Good call on tequila. Whiskey makes me throw up from the smell alone though, ugh.

    Shiva is amazing, I watched a few youtube clips of her in action. I love seeing people move with that kind of control and fluidity. I WISH I could do that. She'd make an awesome climber. :)

    ...speaking of which, I'm seriously fiending for the boulders lately. Winter needs to move along.

    Oh, and think of kan-jam as a cross between horseshoes and frisbee -- with lots of diving at it's best.
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    Haha. You're hilarious. :)

    What do you drink? I'm a Corona fan, or drinks made with rum.

    You're kidding me here... Next time I'm in AZ (because ya know, it's right down the road) we'll grill up something primal, put on some Damian Marley, and get a kan-jam tourney going. I searched youtube but all the vids of kan-jam are awful, don't even bother looking, they're an embarrassment to the sport. Just trust me, when you have the right people it's the best backyard game ever.

    Cool that you ordered Mark's books, Robb's was better though I think. You should definitely check out Good Calories Bad Calories -- that book was awesome!
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    You should! Biochemistry is awesome. If you find yourself getting intrigued in all these "pseudoscience" research on primal living and maximizing our genetic potential, it's definitely something to consider. It's one thing to know the philosophy but I think you can appreciate it even more if you know the scientific mechanisms.

    Haha, pardon my inner-geek over enthusiasm. But I can't emphasize enough how gnarly it is haha.
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