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  1. Hi there,

    My boyfriend went to the doctor and got some anti fungal medication, and it's more or less gone now. :) The medication did give him terrible head aches for a while, but he's fine now.

    Good to hear you've managed to get it under control too. My boyfriend's problems started many years ago while he had a terrible diet of mostly bread and alcohol ... I'm hoping that a good primal'ish diet will stop it from coming back.
  2. Hi. How is your boyfriend's tinea? Did he have his appendix out, by chance?

    The Selsun Blue routine that I described worked for now. It was pretty gross sleeping with that stuff on me. I had some trouble sleeping. But the tinea is completely gone from my arms and torso. Sometimes I still feel a little itchy, like it might be trying to come back but so far it hasn't. I doubt it was a permanent solution but I'm hoping to keep it at bay with pro-biotics and fermented food.
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