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  1. Rough, yes, but my own fault. I went crazy with experimentation & baking & testing the limits of almond & coconut flour (and now I have a Primal junk food blog with all the recipes I picked up, lol). Primal is also helping me to drop those 20 lbs, too!
  2. You gained 20 lbs on Primal?! That's rough - and not exactly the news I wanted to hear. : )

    We have a woman in the ward who tried to have non-wheat bread for sacrament, but she tells me that they'd forget about it, or that someone else would eat it before it got to her, etc. I don't think she's a celiac, but she certainly has gluten issues and lives gluten free. I'm not at that point, but between Primal, Wheat Belly, and Hashimoto's, it seems like a good idea to avoid gluten, but I think a bit on Sunday won't ruin the rest of the week for me.
  3. Yes, I take the sacrament. If you're really concerned, you can bring your own gluten free bread and ask them to take care of it. You can read more online about Mormon Celiacs.

    I began losing weight in 09 using SAD CW. I lost 80 lbs in just over a year & stalled. I started on Primal Blueprint in a desperate attempt to get going again. I gained 20 lbs. I am working on getting back to 169. If you look in my sig, you will see Primal Starting Weight & Current Weight
  4. Hi again.
    I've been reading 'Wheat Belly' and really getting serious about eliminating it from my diet, but I wonder about taking the Sacrament. Do you? It's such a little bit, but by little bits we are lost sometimes.

    Also, maybe I've missed it, but how long did it take you to get to your current weight and did you do 80/20 or were you more intense?

    Thanks for your thoughts,

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