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  1. To be honest I don't know why you're gaining. try cutting out dairy and taking magnesium supplements. I use coconut milk for cooking with and make my own coffee creamer with coconut milk, an egg, stevia, vanilla and nutmeg. Are you blood sugars pretty even, you don't get low much?
  2. also, do you use coconut cream or do you have a specific coconut creamer where you live? thanks again!
  3. breakfast: 2 c coffee with either half n half or heavy whipping cream and stevia. i'm just now hearing about the insulin response caused by all dairy, no matter the type, but dr B ok's it... ??
    lunch: big ass salad, tuna, mixed greens, avocado, some sliced almonds, blue cheese crumbles or goat cheese crumbles, mushrooms, olives, goddess dressing. sometimes, no meat at all, but everything else.
    dinner: dr b recipe or primal recipe of some sort. the peanut sauce stir fry, made the primal lovers turkey meat loaf this week, eating that for leftovers. probably about a half c portion of veggies. usually with just butter and spices. probably
    snacks: for lows, i sip tomato juice. macadamias, coconut butter (spoonful), cheese if there is no other option.... i have read in dr b's first book in the section on pcos that even on a low cal/carb diet women have a hard time losing. ugh!
  4. Hi there. I'm so sorry, I didn't see this until today! I've been primal for a year but low carb for about six. A typical day for me would be as follows:

    Breakfast- Bacon and scrambled eggs with turmeric. Coffee and coconut creamer.
    Lunch- usually nothing, maybe a salad or some meat.
    Dinner- Meat or fish with veggies. Sometimes I have curry, or stew or something like that.
    Can you give me a sample menu so I can see what you're eating? Rather than buy the PB, I would actually advise you to buy Doctor Bernstein's diabetes solution instead. TPB is great but diabetics need to do a lower carb version of PB.
  5. hey there! i just posted a host of similar questions on phaedrus's page too, so here goes. how long have you been on the diet? what kind of exercise do you do? what does a sample meal day look like for you? i ask because i am steady gaining. i lost a bunch before i got rx'd and now i am above a beyond my weight i was trying to lose before i got dx'd. i don't have the book, i hope that will solve my probs, sitting down a really reading the PB. i don't eat carbs at all that much, only if i get low from exercise and i have been lowering my insulin so i don't have to treat lows. ugh. i do feel like i am gaining muscle, but that the fat isn't coming off. my clothes are getting tighter and i have a muffin top. help!
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