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  1. If no one has offered up to help you yet I will. If you still need it and the sale is still going...

    I LOVE my VFFs and wouldn't want to do without them, and would go to extremes to get them as well. So I understand perfectly.

    My husband is a police officer off 10years, and spent 10 years in the USAF... he's a boyscout at heart. We don't believe in trickery and such.

    My address is:

    204 S. Main Ave.
    Minneola, FL 34715

    ***If it doesn't want to accept the 34715 use 34711... I'm on a weird boundary line for zip codes. Try the first one, if it works great... but a few sites will tell you it isn't valid... if that happens use the second one.

    Cori Pitcher
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