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  1. It may be sooner than that, we're waiting for one of the crew to have some surgery. I haven't met anyone yet but am really looking forward to doing something like this on a semi-regular basis.
    I'm not sure there are any areas more primal than others. I live north of the river (that's the Swan River) and you'll find that we sandgropers (nickname for West Australians) tend to stick to 'our' side of the river quite fiercely, it's a bit weird!
    That being said I'm going to recommend my side of the river (of course :p), particularly the coast. I live 5 minutes from gorgeous beaches and I'm only 20 minutes from the city centre.
    Are you coming for work? Do you have family or friends here already? I'm happy to give you any information you need, please feel free to email me. My addie is red.m.72@hotmail
    Take care :)
  2. Ohhhhhh that sounds awesome! It's way cool of you to put on something like that. How soon is soon? We probably won't be around until mid-January unfortunately. It's alright, I'm sure we'll meet the crowd before too long into the New Year. We're not sure where exactly in Perth we're going land. Are there any areas well suited to primal types?
  3. Hey Tommy, where are you moving to and when? We're organising a family BBQ soon with some other Perth primals, so hopefully you'll be here in time for that.
    Looking forward to meeting you and your GF :)
  4. Hey 'Em,

    Just thought I'd say hello. :) My GF and I are moving to Perth in a few weeks (from Canada), so we're just trying to find a few like-minded souls in Perth/Oz before the big move.


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