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  1. I am in this half way zone. One minute I feel really, really good and then I will feel really bad. I'm not sure if I am having some sort of delayed carb flu or if I am actually getting sick. The weather is changing and my diet changing has got to be a lot for my body to deal with.

    My weight loss stopped after first few days but I have been losing inches so I guess my muscle gain is faster than my fat loss lol. I lost 10 pounds last month between a few weeks of no sugar and then going primal towards end of month. I'm now at 153 but I'm a size 10 this time. Last time I was at 153, I was a 12. I started making changes after Labor Day because I couldn't fit in my 12's anymore and summer was ending so I knew I couldn't wear my husband's shorts much longer!
  2. Just noticed your message AuntPol!! Things are going good, and I just started a journal today. I'm not weighing myself yet, because I hate the scale, but I'm feeling really good. How about you?
  3. I was checking in to see how the plan is going for you!
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