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  1. Thanks! Sorry it took a year to get back to you (literally), I am just now getting back to a life that allows me internet participation on the regular.

    Anyway, to answer your question: My workouts are literally just the 100 pushups program (which I start, do for a while, then drift away from most of the time), twice a week doing shovelglove exercises (mainly the "warm up" ones... I haven't ventured much into impact or explosive movement yet, I just like using it as a weight), walking a couple miles 3 times a week (I don't really measure, I just disappear and come back when I get bored) and sometimes mix in some tabatta sprints with the walk... and that's about it. I enjoy some of the taichi warmups and silk reeling exercises, but they are more for relaxation then on any kind of structured thing.
  2. Hey bro great job!!!! Hey what are your workouts?
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