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  1. thank you so much for the info...seems we are very much alike in our choices...I just love eating my greens
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  3. Hi there,
    Have you read Nora Gedgauda's book Primal Body Primal Mind? I don't agree with loads of meat eating and neither does she- it affects cancer growth according to her research, I eat at most a few ounces and that's a few times per week. I eat eggs (2 at most) a few times per week and fish too (again a few times per week). So the majority of my diet is vegetables- I've always advocated that. I also drink wheatgrass juice and a green drink daily, eat fermented vegetables and coconut kefir. When I do meat it's in a stew, stir fry or lightly seared. One steak feeds my entire family. A little goes a long way. The longest lived cultures on the planet presently eat a plant based diet with supplemental animal food. That says a lot to me.
  4. hey primal lady...I was just wondering if you think eating alot of veggies and some meats is doable. I know that primal eating is mostly meat eating but i love veggies so much. I really want to having a happy medium and get real weight loss results. I also love juicing and it makes me feel incredible I would never stop doing that Its mostly greens and maybe one apple or two...what do you think?
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