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Born a Preemie; had severe digestive issues all my long life but have always been an avid exercise nut. Despite chronic malnutrition from colitis, etc., I did my first 10-mile hike (no rest, no fluids) at age 9 and went out to play vigorously with my friends immediately for hours whilst my athlete Dad took a nap! I was savagely abused as a child and taught never to show pain, weep in front of anyone, or admit to "weakness" for fear. I was diagnosed with Stockholm, PTSD, and a host of other mental illnesses. Unable physically to have children, I took devoted care of my Mom, a former athlete crippled with severe RA. I worked off the books for my Dad's business to help pay my rent to live at home for Mom after age 18. I went to college but ran out of funds & was unable to complete my Cum Laude BA, to my intense frustration. Screwed over and medicated almost to death by the psych industry, I have gone from a lean, mean, hiking, bouldering, climbing, vibrantly active BMI 18 (Ectomorphic) to a lethargic, disgusting, depressed BMI 27 (horrors!) with: PAT, MVP, asthma, high cholesterol, thyroid trouble, "the Change," Renaud's, arthritis, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, epilepsy (partly from the beatings, 25 concussions and a subdural hematoma), a MENSA-level IQ I'm only really starting to use at age FIFTY, and a host of Gastro issues too disgusting to mention that do include a brush with Adenocarcinoma, the cancer that killed my Dad. Put simply: I am a huge, waddling, lumbering mass of adipose tissue. It is KILLING ME!!! Yesterday my cardiologist said, "I don't care if you're only taking in 700 calories a day; if you're fat, and you certainly are, YOU ARE EATING MORE THAN YOUR BODY NEEDS!" I've thus decided that instead of cutting that to the 350 calories a day suggested (yes, I know 1000 is the cutoff point for Anorexia Nervosa, but we all know how arbitrary THAT is, don't we?!), I'd go on a complete fast using only water, for about 50 days. I've only done water fasts for up to 11 days before, and ended up quitting because I fainted repeatedly, plus the meds I'm on started taxing my liver and kidneys to the danger point. When I weighed 85 pounds (I'm only five-two), I had significant cardiac arrhythmia (A-Fib) that relented when my weight got up to about 92. Since I'm an Ectomorph, a slender body type with tiny light (now with osteopenia) bones, I need to weigh about 110 if more of it is lean muscle. That means I need to lose 40 pounds. Since eating salad, Luna bars, etc. at 700 calories a day is still "more than your body needs" as my Doc said, the only answer is fasting. I've been reading avidly about it, total fasting, combined with high-impact workouts (my rheumatologist has forbidden them, saying they've caused massive joint and connective tissue damage, but I cannot resist them), and I desperately want this fat OFF of me. I'm buried alive in it! I don't care how "sexy" all these divorced guys my age keep claiming I am; I'm celibate and not looking for that. Besides, our culture favors obesity and it's sickening the size of portions I see the few times I go out to eat! They can feed me for half a week! Given how much gastric agony eating has caused me since birth, I'm OVER food. I keep ending up in the hospital from gastro issues: colitis bleeding, etc - and it's because my body doesn't want food. But I need to do this without accidentally killing myself; I know at 50 I'm probably almost the oldest person here, but I want to live to be 120! Sorry about all the "downer" sounding talk, listing my health woes, but I needed to be accurate, as I'm concerned about health; if I wanted to fast to HURT myself, I'd go to a Pro-Ano site. I want to get vibrant, strong, and free from the excruciating pain that has me on (ugh!) Lyrica! I want to be out there exploring the world again. Losing my parents and several other deaths recently plunged me into grief but I will not take anti-depressants; that stuff is crap. Give me a healthy, abstemious lifestyle full of activity, intellectual stimulation and challenge - and ACCOMPLISHMENT - and I would feel like I could live "forever"! I should mention I walk with a cane but can outpace the non-legally-disabled. Currently I'm legally physically handicapped. I can't do more than 5 miles per hike (18 pound pack) with 1 break, whereas at peak I could do 35 miles a day (2 10-minute breaks). I do 24-36 hour total fasts (except water) about 3-4 times a month. My weight doesn't budge. YET. But I vow it will! (I did lose 10 pounds recently but from being sick; I gained 2 back already!)
Upstate NY
Hiking, climbing, reading, exploring, Yoga, dance, music (eclectic!), photography, research
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