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  1. If you are already doing it my guess is that your body is already adapted and you will do just fine. I think you should really make sure that your body is responding well, if you feel like it isn't working then don't do it for a day or so & then try again. Remember that NO ONE in the forums is a professional, so do your own research too. Have you read the Primal Blueprint?
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  2. Hello, I am a "newbie" I just caught a post you made in a journal,, I hope you don't mind if I jump in with a question...
    You said not to IF, when you are new to a primal diet,, the IF is part of my daily lifestyle currently (I am prior service Marine Corps and sometimes I only eat once a day) and I will begin my new primal quest tomorrow. I was excited to find this family and thought I would try to jump right into ketosis, I have tried adkins in the past. Your post made it sound like that was the wrong way to approach this; >?
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