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  1. Hey Sarah,

    I did reply to your email. I may be out much of the day, so I may not get back to you for a while (maybe not until evening my time--so hours and hours from now--its morning ;)) if you write back. I will reply when I have time though, so don't worry about sending me a reminder message on the list. I check my email almost as often as I check the MDA forums, so if you write to me, I'll get it and write back to you when I can!

    Have a great day! :)
  2. Hey Sara! I don't have private messaging as an option on my account--I have a crappy computer and just have had trouble editing that feature. BUT, feel free to email me at yis4yoga AT yahoo DOT com.

    Hope to hear from you soon!! And hope you are finding the help you need here--it can be a big transition--switching over to a primal way of eating. (((HUGS)))

    Lauren :)
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