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  1. yes that's a bit more doa-ble, it's a bus ride away but notice there's a Saturday class - i will look into it!

    thanks v much!

  2. Is this near you?
    Does both Keysi and Lau Gar which are good....
  3. FIFTY SQUID????? Yikes. Ours is 30 for as many as you can squeeze in - works out at about 3.75 a session for me. Oh well :( Let me know if you find anything else...
    Glad you like it :D
  4. hey - it's PERFECT. thanks. the kung fu classes are 50 per month to attend as many classes as you want. just can't afford it! ;- (
  5. Ok, apparently I can't email it.
  6. I think you may have too high expectations on the avatar front... I'm not a graphic designer, I just do these for fun :D
    But anyway I made one and I'll email it to you, if you don't like it I can cook up something else, no problemo. I think it's... ok.
  7. thanks very much! no quite far from arbroath...quite far indeed. This kung fu is about 10 mins walk from my house..

    look forward to seeing our funky avatar..

    : -)
  8. A few more thoughts: your typical martial art class will probably have a warm-up for about ten minutes, then a variety of things that may include pad work (partnering up and one person practices techniques on a pad), endurance or strength training, technique training without pads, sparring (though not initially!) and maybe forms or patterns if the style does them, then probably some stretching at the end.

    Forgive my lack of Scottish geography knowledge, but if you're anywhere near Arbroath I know of a very good TKD instructor there... just in case!
  9. Hmmm, good question! Well, there are many types of kung fu (or gung fu, kung fu is the westernised version) but Shaolin has a much stronger sense of history to it, being associated with Shaolin Temple in China... it's almost a mythology, there are training rooms at the temple where the stone floors and walls have great dents in them from centuries of monks practicing their techniques there! The Shaolin monks are the only 'proper' Buddhist monk sect allowed to practice martial arts, and the amount of legends associated with them is just huge... not to mention a million films, most of which are admittedly rubbish.

    As for why I love martial arts... I can't remember why I first started, but I took my first TKD class when I was little. Then I got into Bruce Lee, met some cool people... the more I learn about it the more I love it! And the more I improve, the more clearly I see how far I have to go.... *sigh*
  10. no worries!

    Just wondered why you liked martial and why you thought shaoilin/kung fu was "the most awesome"

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