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  1. Also
    I can do the no bread no potatoes and pasta, however i love Rice. Basmatti rice. Is this a big no no? Mark seems to say that there is nothing wrong with rice but theres nothing right with it either. Rob wolf says dont go there. However when i read marting berkhan articles he seems to know his stuff and say eat anything, as long as it meets your macros. Its really frustrating for me, as there is so much information floating around.

    You seemed to know your stuff so thats why i messaged you, hope you dont mind.


  2. Hi mate, i saw your post on here regarding leangains and primal., but wondering if you could help me.
    Im trying to lose weight. THE IF really suits me, breaking a fast at 1pm and having 2 large meals.
    Im calculating my calories and im under 2000 cals a day. Now im 5'11" and about 17 stone.
    Im hitting the gym twice a week, swimming once a week, and long walking at the weekend. The gym is Martin berhan minimilist style, squats deads, bench and attempted chins.
    Im trying to eat primal/paleo during my 2 big meals. Its all mainly "FATTY" foods, creams, meats, fishes, green veggies, and berries.
    Am i going about this the right way?
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