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September 2, 1985 (31)
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My name is John William Brisson. I have worked for a major vitamin retailer for over two years, and I am currently in school to get a degree in Biology. I have also been a practicing naturopath for the past three years. I coached many people and worked with them on their health problems, both over the Internet and in my personal life.

For 22 years of my life I thought natural medicine was a fraud. My grandfather who was a pharmacist convinced me that conventional medicine was the only way to go, and that the FDA and drug companies never made any mistakes. I laugh at myself now when I realize how foolish I was back then. Don’t get me wrong I still think conventional medicine has its place in healthcare, but I believe a balance of both is what is needed to give our dying healthcare system a much needed “shot” in the arm.

I have suffered from different medical conditions all my life. These medical conditions stemmed from me being born extremely premature (22 weeks) in 1985. I’ve suffered from asthma, poor lung capacity, and a poor functioning immune system. I successfully treated myself and suffer from none of these health problems currently. Conventional medicine was just “treating” the symptoms of my asthma, the doctors never addressed the true causes of the disease. The true causes of Asthma are deficiencies in Vitamin C, Magnesium, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin D, stomach acid, and chronic dehydration from ingestion of soda. When I realized this was the reasons why I had Asthma, I supplemented and changed my lifestyle . Within six months my Asthma symptoms disappeared, and all diagnostic tests showed my lung function was completely normal. When I asked the doctor how this was possible, they just replied that I was a severe asthmatic who outgrew his Asthma over a period of six months. The nutritional supplementation and lifestyle change I accomplished, according to them, wasn’t the reason why I was better and I had my life back.

My mother passed away from systemic Lupus when I was five. She believed fully that conventional medicine would save her. My father, later, was one of the first Americans in the early 90′s to be diagnosed with Hepatitis C. He actually participated in the first clinical trials of Pegylated Interferon with Ribavirin at UNC hospital. I remember taking care of my father throughout high school and staying up many nights being with him as he vomited and cried for hours at a time after taking the medicines. When I was a senior in high school the medication had left my father with cognitive defects including memory loss, trouble focusing, and paranoid schizophrenia. He left this Earth when I was 18 years old and was about to leave home to go to college. He also believed that conventional medicine would have cured him or at the very least keep him alive to see me start a life, get married, and father him grandchildren.

I believe nutritional medicine could have saved both my parents. I believe that treating these type of medical conditions is where nutritional medicine shines. Nutritional medicine should be used to treat / prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, asthma, and auto-immune conditions in this country. Conventional medicine is poor at treating these conditions because they don’t address the root cause of these illnesses, they just threat the symptoms.

Now it’s time for some honesty. Conventional medicine is excellent at treating infections, surgery, and stabilizing / treating a patient during a medical emergency (heart attack, stroke, accidents). I cut my artery in my left arm on Christmas 2010 and would have bled to death without arterial repair surgery. I also took antibiotics (I took what I believe is the safest one, a cephalosporin, they wanted to give me Cipro, I declined), and followed the doctor’s recommendation for a month afterwards. I have no problem admitting, conventional medicine saved my life. This is why an acceptance of both forms of healthcare is needed in the United States so that we can have a “complete” healthcare system.

I became interested in natural health when I learned about nutritional healing after listening to Dr. Joel Wallach on the Alex Jones Radio Show. He brought up a lot of good points about how we are deficient in a lot of trace minerals because there simply aren’t enough minerals in the food we ingest. He talked about how a deficiency in copper and magnesium could be the reason why we have an epidemic of heart disease in the United States. Though public opinion of Dr. Wallach has changed and some people believed he has been discredited, he brings up a lot of valid points. Most people don’t care about their health until they become sick. The same thing could be said about me. I didn’t study natural health religiously till I became sick.

I developed LERD and severe adrenal fatigue from taking an Ace Inhibitor. I took the Ace Inhibitor for “borderline” blood pressure for a few years. Ace inhibitors tax the angiotensin-renin-aldosterone system as well as depleted zinc from my body. This caused the development of all my future health challenges.

I remember the day when I first became sick like it was yesterday. I was at my wife’s grandmother house eating catfish. My stomach burned for the first time in my life and started aching badly. I tried to lay down but after an hour my stomach hurt so bad I could barely move. I went to the emergency room and they couldn’t find anything wrong with me, I was perfectly healthy.

Over the next month I developed OCD, had major anxiety, LERD symptoms, gastritis, stomach pain, and my resting heart rate went from 70 bpm to averaging over 100 bpm. I literally thought I was going to die and that I was losing my mind, I had not suffered from a life deteriorating health condition up to this point in my life. After many trips to the ER, the tests showed nothing different except for the increased heart rate. All the doctors accomplished in treating me, I would discover from my medical records, was to drug test me and hold me in the hospital to monitor me. My primary doctor was going to prescribe a beta blocker and a ton of other medicine to calm me down, because he thought all my problems were caused by anxiety. My grandfather told me to stop the ace inhibitor and see if I would get better. He told me that any medicine at any time can cause any side effect in anyone. The next day I checked my resting heart rate and it had returned to normal.

It was too late, the damage had been done. The ace inhibitor at the time was killing me very quickly and I almost went into a full on adrenal crisis. I suffered from severe adrenal fatigue that I successfully treated in over an year.

During the time I was recovering, I discovered that my local supplement store needed help. I asked the manager at the vitamin retailer if he had any job openings. He had seen me in the store frequently, and knew I had some knowledge. He saw potential in me because of my willingness to help people and he hired me immediately. I loved working there and tried to grow my knowledge and help as many people as I could with their health problems. I had to stop working when my youngest son was born with health problems and I dedicated my life to help take care of him.

I want everyone I meet with health problems to know that they aren’t alone and that I am experienced enough to help them be healthy. With the knowledge I know now I could have successfully helped him and he would be sill be alive today.

This is why I want to help as many people as I possibly can. I want people to take their health back from the polluted world we live in. I want you to feel the best you have ever felt in years. I want you to know that you have someone who wants to see you feel better, and give you the best possible advice at the same time. I’m here for you.
Hope Mills, NC
Natural Medicine, Wrestling, Video Games, History, Current Events
Researcher / Author / Health Coach


My book Fix Your Gut is available on Amazon The book price is $7.99.

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