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  1. It is fuckin' gnarly. I've always loved nutrition and biochemistry. So interesting. Have you read Mark's book, or any other paleo books?
  2. You should! Biochemistry is awesome. If you find yourself getting intrigued in all these "pseudoscience" research on primal living and maximizing our genetic potential, it's definitely something to consider. It's one thing to know the philosophy but I think you can appreciate it even more if you know the scientific mechanisms.

    Haha, pardon my inner-geek over enthusiasm. But I can't emphasize enough how gnarly it is haha.
  3. That's awesome, I had been considering getting my bachelor's in biochem if I can't get it in the other stuff I'm doing...and biochem of cooking is awesome!
  4. Hell yes. I'm a biochemistry major. You know what would be awesome? The biochemistry of cooking. Whoa..
  5. You also like cooking and biochemistry? That's awesome, it's like talking to myself, lol
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