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  1. Nope, that's totally cool. Just start taking k asap. Hope you feel better bro. I have some posts on aspirin in one of the Peat topics in the journal board.
  2. Hey man how's everything? I just got a quick question. I self diagnosed myself with a deep muscle strain near my ribs (been hurting for a month now), so decided to start with aspirin 4 days ago. I have been taking about 900-1200 MG a day, and feel a LOT better. I take it with food and twice a day dissolved in hot water. Anything I should worry about? I am not supplementing with k2 (although I ordered some), and eat liver once a week and oysters 2-3 times a week. I am just asking cause I read stuff online about aspirin that makes it seem like a scary thing to take.
  3. [QUOTE=max219]I've seen you mention in posts before, but what is your opinion on resting heart rates? Is higher better? As an endurance runner I've always though the lower the better, especially for endurance racing. When in good racing shape mine is about 52-55 a minute, and some professional runners have below 40 (Meb Keflezighi for example.)[/QUOTE]
    Ideally heart rate should be between 75-85 bpm at rest.

    "...exercise accelerates the breakdown of thyroid hormones, resulting in
    a protective slowing of metabolism. 'The slow heart beat of runners
    is largely the result of this adaptive hypothyroidism.'"

    This explains athletes lower pulse.

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