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August 23, 1983 (33)
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My name is Dawn and I'm a a nurse and I LOVE SUGAR/CARBS/JUNK FOOD!!!! I first heard about the paleo diet from a night nursing supervisor I worked with and he let me borrow his primal bluepront books to look through. I have suffered from food addiction and food obsession for 26 years with my weight fluctuating between being underweight for my height and being overweight for my height....and my mood usually fluctuates with where the needle on the scale has settled. I am CONSTANTLY hungry and feel like a prisoner to food. I have tried every imaginable diet out there and I have the weight watchers points so ingrained into my brain that I wish I could fall down and hit my head on something and lose my memory for a little while just to get it out of there. Recently in the last year I gained 40llbs in ten months and stopped getting my period. I was so depressed, had no energy or motivation to do anything. I even considered ending my life at one point. I attempted to diet here and there but the scale kept climbing despite any effort. I finally broke down and went to my endocronologist and was diagnosed with PCOS. I was put on metformin and Victoza and felt some relief to know that I wasn't gaining weight because I was lazy and worthless. I thought when i started the medicine that everything would just get better and I could go back to being myself again....BOY WAS I WRONG. The metformin has helped me lose some weight but in turn, as a side effect, it has INCREASED my cravings for sweet foods and I can't eat or even look at vegetables and meat without wanting to throw up, which is not like me because I have always loved steak and all vegetables. The medicine also makes me just feel sick all the time and very tired. So I feel like I am at a crossroads....I want to find a way to get of the metformin and transition into the paleo lifestyle...however it seems so impossible to me becuase my cravings for sweets are so bad sometimes that I would agree to sell my first born child for a bite of your cupcake. The other factor holding me back is that the cooking and recipes all seem so overwhelmong to me...maybe if anyone has any easy and simple ideas to navigate around making it not so difficult so that I will stick with it would be a HUGE HELP!!!! So that's my story in a nuteshell. My goal is to lose the last 15lbs, end my CONSTANT HUNGER, gain back my energy and balance out my hormones. All advice welcome!!!! Thank You for taking the time to read this =)
New York
Playing the piano, drawing, reading


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