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About vlo1125
I have struggled with my weight since the age of 10, went on my first "diet" at the age of 12. My highest weight was 240 lbs in 2002, found the 6 week body makeover by Michael Thurmond and lost 90 lbs in 6 months. I was able to maintain within 30 lbs of this range for 3 years. Got married and gained all the weight back plus 20lbs putting me at an all time high of 263 lbs in 2006. I once again turned to the 6wbmo and lost 76lbs in 7 months. Then I got pregnant and gained exactly 76 lbs during my pregnancy. Weighed about 260lbs for the first year of my daughters life and then inexplicably lost 20 lbs. I then started weight watchers and lost 50lbs in 5 months, I was super excited because this was faster than typical weight loss on weight watchers. Well I started having a hard time sleeping, shakiness, heart palpitations, and eye problems. I went to a doctor( hadn't been to one other than my ObGyn in years) and she said she could just by looking at me that I had a thyroid problem. Well my grandfather, mother, and uncle all have hypothyroid so I wasn't surprised. When the labs came back what was surprising was that I was HYPERthyriod not hypo as I had originally thought. Not only was I hyper but it was because of an autoimmune disorder , Graves' disease. I was floored that I had a disease that normally made people too thin and not able to gain weight, but I was obese! Well it explained my faster than normal weight loss on weight watchers but i still had to diet to lose. Long story short I had to go on anti thyroid meds and immediately started putting the lbs back on. Took antithyroid meds for 2 years and steadily climbed back up to 255lbs, started counting points and got down to 228, stopped and got back up for 255 again. Started WW again( see a pattern?) 9/12 and got down to 233lbs. Had a total thyroidectomy 12/28/12 and am now on 150mg of synthyroid daily. How I wish I would have found PB before having my thyroid removed but cest la vie. Now my goal is to make PB my lifestyle change NOT another diet to follow! Wish me luck!
Roller derby , cooking, reading
Stay at home mom


High weight: 263.8 lbs
Primal start weight 1/26/13: 233 lbs
ADF start weight 10/12/15 : 188.2lbs
Current weight: 177.6 lbs
Goal: 145 lbs


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