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  1. Hey there! Just wondering how you're doin! Hope all is well in your world. Your new pic is beeea-uuu-tee-ful!!
  2. Thank you, that is me in the pic and you are too kind!

    How long does it take you to finish your 4 mile walk? I'm really going to see how much I can handle weaning myself from the habit of my weekly 20 miles running - baby steps, no pun intended, or I think it will make me stress too much that I'm going to gain weight. I'm already stressing enough by the amount of fat I'm eating even though I totally get the rationale behind it, and agree with it. It's just the years of programming causing me anxiety as I do something I've always thought I wasn't supposed to do! I'm so surprised to be having such a tough time with it!

    I'm with you on the almond thing - they're great to have around as snacks. (Maybe too good? :) I also keep unsalted shelled sunflower seeds with me. Those came in handy at the movie theater last night!

    I'm gonna check out that recipe link you gave me - maybe I'll make it if I have the goods handy!! Hope you're having a good one!
  3. Ok, good - just didn't want you to think I was a man posin as a girl! (hey, ya never know these days) Your success with this way of life is proof enough for me. How exciting for you! I am impressed by any female who can do a pull-up, so the fact that you're almost there is awesome!

    I'm curious as to what your fitness regimen is, but I'll see if I can find it somewhere posted on the forum. I run 20 miles a week (great free therapy, which I need right now) and do Pilates and plenty of strength work, but not only for weight control - overall health is really my greater goal. I want to keep my heart and lungs "in shape" more than anything so that I can be around to annoy my daughter for years and years, lol. (she's great)

    Tomorrow will be the first big social gathering I've been to since going primal. I'll stash some snacks in my purse as a Plan B so that I'm not tempted to go astray. It's just not worth it! Hope you're having a great weekend and enjoy the 4th!
  4. Certain things are so hard to do because of the ole health "conscience" that is so deeply ingrained in my noggin! Right now, I'm doing my best to stay on it and reprogram my way of thinking. I get it, but there's still this weird conflicted feeling when forcing myself to eat certain things! I'm determined to give it a good shot though.....thanks for the inspiration - you really do look great, as I said before. Your pic just screams 'healthy" to me!

    In case I didn't already put it in my profile, I'm a female, by the way - not a dude tryin to pick up on you! Lol!! Have a great one and keep on inspiring the rest of us!
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