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  1. BTW - is that you? beautiful! (We have the same haircolor lol)
  2. Oh yay! Welcome to PB-ing...great results so far! The carb flu can be rough but once its over you feel fantastic. And seriously, this forum is incredibly awesome..some of the members are just so knowledgeable. I wish you good luck!!
  3. well, I am still in the really early part of my journey here. As of tomorrow I will be eating PB for 4 weeks. First week was great,as far as weight loss....I lost 2 1/2 pounds. Then the second week I stayed the same and last week I lost 1/2 pound. I lose weight very slowly anyway and am very close to goal. I have had the carb flu for sure....headaches, sleepless nights,brain fog ect. That is much better now.I am trying to stay around 50 carbs a day. I still have lots to learn and lots of questions but I just keep coming back here and posting and reading. Thanks for the encouragment!
  4. Hi! Aw thanks, I'm gettin there! All thanks to PB! How has your journey been?
  5. just stoppin in to say .....great new profile pic!!! you go girl ^5
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