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  1. Im not even sure what my complete weight loss goal is yet...I think its more a size/proportion then an actual weight...but I'd guess in the 15-20lbs more range and I definitely want to gain muscle and I'm finally starting to gain muscle after 2 years of lifting heavy and not getting ANY stronger (this was during my let CW mess up your weight loss phase) ..oh, the power of low-grain. such an incredible difference for me mentally and physically lately.

    The whole 30 thread sounds great however, I 'm not ready to give up dairy..I limit it and probably when I get closer to my goal I may have to cut it out more to see results but for now I still seem to be losing without it being a problem.
  2. I didn't have much to lose. My goal weight was 155, but I eventually dropped down to 148. The number bothered me a little bit, but I was/am stronger than when I was 175 so I figure it's ok. I'm trying to get my before and after pics up but the album seems to hate my pics :| I originally did a strict 30 day challenge when I started this whole thing. Actually there was a thread about it today, the whole30. I'm a bit more lax with what I eat now, but my weight stays between 148-152 typically, depending on fruit, nuts, chocolate, alcohol etc. You'll stop losing once you get to your optimal level, and then it's just all gravy :)

    How much more are you planning to lose?
  3. This is kind of an interesting topic for did you stop losing weight but still stay primal? Are just just eating more carbs in veggie form/starchier veggies? I'm no where near maintaining yet but its a good thing to know for future reference!
  4. I'm just on it for health in general. I lost about 15 lbs when I started it, but I'm not really looking to lose any more.

    I'm sure you'll hit your goal. You were looking good in the pics halfway through, and I'm sure even better now. Keep it up :)
  5. Are you on it for weight loss or just health in general? My weight loss is still in the making lol but its definitely still coming off..hopefully I'll hit my goal by the end of the year!
  6. I love it. Started the beginning of December last year and never looked back. How about you? It looks like it's working very well for you :)
  7. Thanks! :D How are you doing on PB?
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