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  1. Impressive results! Keep going you will definitely get there! Well, I lost most of my weight 4 years ago (2 years to lose it on basically a low-carb diet very similar to this, and 2 years to let CW wreck me again lol) but I'm back to low-graining 3 months in and Ive already lost 13lbs (10 of it being what I gained from the CW diet booo.) SO glad I decided to give this another shot..I don't know why I ever strayed.
  2. how long have you been doing it?
  3. I'm doing pretty well with it. I started back on May 12th and have lost about 27lbs so far. I figure I still have another 30 or so to go before I am back at my college weight. I look forward to seeing your progress pics (in a not creepy way)... It looks like a lot of people on here are having a lot of success with PB...
  4. How have your results been? I'd say im probably more in the 80/20 group - I still eat more dairy then I probably should..oh, and alcohol :( Thanks! I'm going to take some new progress pics mid july to really see how I've done!
  5. I've started about a month and a half ago but i'm going at it 100%... I really like your profile picture
  6. Thanks! Its taken a while (and its still in progress!) but I'm getting there slowly! Have you been doing PB for long?
  7. You have made quite the transformation. It is really impressive...
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