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  1. Oh goodie! love progress pics!

    I have not tried Crossfit..I always hear fantastic things about it but I like working out at home (and to do crossfit at home I would need a lot more equipment!) I'm pretty happy with just doing the P90X strength training workouts for my heavy lifting right now. But I do think maybe when I get closer to my goal I will rethink doing crossfit.

    Lol...whenever I say I want to be muscular my mom always asks me if I want to look like "that wrestler" (Chyna)...thats why I hesitate to say muscular to some people. *rolls eyes* Exercise changes people, I think we would be such a better nation if we all exercised.
  2. As per your guidance, I have posted some before pics (awaiting moderation). :) After pics will come once I find one I like. Both pics were taken in Afghanistan when I was at around 270.

    Have you ever tried Crossfit? I caught the bug from an infantry buddy of mine, and it has been AWESOME for me. I like to mix in some conventional lifts as well - but nothing quite smokes me like Crossfit.

    As far as looking manly, I don't think you have to worry much :) Concur about the well defined arms and shoulders. God's blessed me with a good set, so even when I was large (that's pretty funny seeing as I'm still 6'4") I had well built arms.

    I think everyone should strive to be "athletic." I think our country's whole problem is the lack of athleticism has bred laziness and discontent. Good on you for setting your own personal bar high!
  3. fantastic job! Its amazing not only the weight you lose but how much stronger you become quicker then on a CW diet. I'm not completely sure what my goal is right now...I want to say another 10-15lbs but I think it's more about proportion and how I feel then an actual weight I guess. So i'd say I want to lose maybe another 10lbs then start really working on muscle building...I lift heavy now but Im more focused on weight loss at the moment..I do definitely want a more athletic looking body as the end result..not manly but not just model like toned either..I'll never have abs unless I become extremely stick thin but I think welll defined arms/shoulders are gorgeous.

    So where are YOUR progress pics?? :D
  4. Sure! You should be proud! I, too, am more low-grain (organic is EXPENSIVE - and I'm not paid much by Uncle Sugar). And I agree - it's pretty awesome how it makes you feel. I started at 274 on April 1st, and I'm down to 242 (as of Friday anyways) without even being super strict about it. I'm stronger, faster, and I look better than I have in years. I'm back to wearing the same pants size I did as a young second lieutenant, and the 6-pack is starting to poke out again.

    So what's your goal? Where do you want to be?
  5. Thank you again! I have to admit I am pretty proud of what I have accomplished. I lost the bulk of my weight 4 years ago by low graining, not so much PB-ing..then I got sucked into a more CW diet..and it completely wrecked me for 2 years...I went back to low-graining/PB-ing mid-May (Id say im still more low-grain then PB because not everything I eat is organic..just nothing processed or boxed anymore) thing I ever did..I'm down another 15lbs since then! AND I'm finally getting stronger love love it! It's truly amazing how much better I feel.
  6. I'm've earned every bit of praise you get...truly beautiful. I've been serious about PB since April 1st, and had some great results. How about you? How long have you been on the PB thing?
  7. You're too sweet..thank you so much! It's been a long road, but yea, thats me in both pics :P How long have you been doing PB?
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