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About Guitar Jon
Musician all my life, its what drives me and forms me. I started playing guitar when i was 10, and picked up a few more instruments along the way. Then i became an audio engineer, to better understand my art.
Lived like a rock star without the 'star' for years, drinking heavily, smoking heavily, eating whatever the hell i wanted cause i'm just a skinny guy. I became an alcoholic, after i dropped out of varsity and went overseas, it got worse and worse. Eventually i had to give it up, and after a couple of years trial and error, i'm scot free. I've been clean for about three years (i dont really cont, dont need to). I felt like i had walked away from it so easily. I was even scared at one point that it was too easy. But then i realised that there is a little swith inside us, controlled by sheer logic. I learned how to flip it. This year i quit smoking (with huge help from Allen Carr's book), once again, scot free, the easy way. Logic and rational thought. That was in June or so. I started smoking when i was 11...seriously. I was a pack a day of the strongest i could find, for the last ten years.
After that...i thought...know what?
So i looked into exercise, and diet.
The last two months i've been reading everything i can possibly find about those two subjects, and trying to make my own mind up.
Then...Mark's Daily Apple came up on my screen, and it all started making a lot of sense. I've never been one to jump on board with a movement or something that, from the outside, might seem like a hippy cult (no offense, i've just seen my fair share of those;). But logic and rational, evolutionary thought wins my heart every time.

As of this writing, i am a week into my Primal journey.
But i'm also at the start of my life...
Johannesburg, South Africa
Making Music, Listening to Music, Talking about Music, Thinking about Music, Working Out to Music
Audio Engineer and Musician


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