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  1. Lastly, dinner usually consists of a meat of some kind, a green veggie usually, and a salad fairly often (raw spinach salad most frequently). Sometimes I'll have a little fruit salad with dinner, too. That pretty much sums up a typical day, assuming I don't go out for lunch or dinner.

    In what part of Texas do you reside? I'm in Houston (I-10 & Voss area). Congrats to you & your hubby & keep up the great work! I chose to go primal because I believe it is a truly sustainable lifestyle & not just some "fad" diet. I fully intend to stick with this for life. My wife & children are too important for me to NOT make this change!
  2. As for a typical day, I usually eat 3 or 4 eggs for breakfast (boiled or scrambled). If I scramble, I'll usually make bacon (3 to 5 strips) to go with it, though I had pan sausage this morning. Mid to late morning, I'll [I]sometimes[/I] have a snack (either a handful of nuts, a banana, a protein shake or a Larabar). I try to vary it as much as possible so I don't get too bored with it. Lunch is USUALLY a leftover from a previous dinner and likely a 100 calorie pack of guacamole. Today's lunch is exactly that....guac and a knock-off of chicken cordon bleu...chicken breast rolled up with deli-sliced ham & a slice of organic cheddar. Mid to late afternoon, I'll [I]sometimes[/I] have another snack, usually choosing from the same list of options as the morning snack.
  3. To answer your questions, I honestly haven't read the Primal Blueprint (YET), but I ordered it yesterday from Amazon. The vast majority of my info comes from this website. It really is an amazing resource. I'm eat meats (all kinds...beef, chicken, fish,bacon, eggs, duck), [B]primarily green[/B] veggies (zucchini, spinach (creamed is my favorite!), broccoli, asparagus, green beans and occasionally squash), salads (ALL kinds....caesar, spinach, romaine lettuce, etc. Sometimes add walnuts, blackberries & blue cheese with minimal raspberry vinaigrette), fruits and nuts in moderation. I also eat guacamole/avocado almost favorite store-bought is "Wholly Guacamole". We get it at HEB & you can get it in 100 calorie snack packs, too....PERFECT for taking with me to work to add to my lunch.

    Next time I do the fajita thing, I won't do tortillas or chips. I felt a little too bloated afterward. I'll see if they can't provide me with some lettuce wraps!
  4. Well, I typed out this nice long response, but it only allows for 1000 characters at a time, so here goes.....broken up into 3 parts.....

    Thanks a lot, April. It's going very well and I even did my first intermittent fast yesterday (22 hours)....felt like I needed that after eating the 2 tortillas & 6 chips the night before! I started at 355.9 and was down to 334 as of Monday morning (3 week mark). I'll be happy as a lark if I can keep losing at a 4 pound per week pace for a few months, but I'm afraid that might not be realistic.
  5. Good job on losing 20 lbs! :) My hubby and I have been on this journey for the same amount of time as you...3.5 weeks. You're doing something GREAT. He started at 305 and is now down 10 lbs, and I started at 136 and down 6 or 7 .

    What are you doing to follow the primal? What is your "typical" day for food? Just getting some ideas here, trying to really boost our weight loss. I will say when we have fajitas, we don't do chips at all, and no tortillas. We'll either get a shrimp cocktail or an avacado salad and eat all of it before we start on the fajita meat. That seems to really curb the cravings for the tortillas.

    Good luck staying primal! :)
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