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  1. The links you've written on muscle ups are the bollocks Al, thanks for posting.
  2. Hey Elliott - It's fine to learn muscle-ups on rings or on the bar. Here are links to a few articles I've written on the subject:

  3. Al, would you recommend starting to train for muscle ups on rings or a bar?? Would you say you'd need to be able to do a certain amount of pull ups before attempting muscle ups?
  4. Okay, I'll have a look. I tried it in the park a few weeks ago, during the day in the presence of Mum's and kids I didn't know. I felt powerful and thought I'd at least get off the ground but no, I just looked like a twat, arms out, waist bent and feet firmly planted on the floor. T'was a fail and so were the following three attempts!! Not good.
  5. Hey Elliott - It's called the Human Flag and yes I have tutorials on it! :)
  6. Hey Al, loving the main website/blog you've got got. Some excellent body weight exercises you've got on there and some insane strength to boot! I'm going to try to get fit enough to do that pose you've got in your Avatar the 'Y' shaped thing on the lamp-posts etc. Is there links to training for this on your site, also muscle up's are on the menu for next year.
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