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About janepinch
I'm originally from Vermont, but just moved back to Madison, WI after an 11 year hiatus in July, 2012 from living the past 5 years in CT. At 5'8", I've always been in the 160 lbs+ range in terms of weight, with a max weight of likely 180. My lowest adult weight was probably 140, but this was achieved due to extreme life stress and resulting depression. When I started feeling better, I regained my love of food (and everything else) and the weight came back. I wasn't really fit then either, I was skinny fat.
A couple years ago, I got turned onto the low-carb phenomenon, if you will, at my orthopedic doctor's office. They offered a medically supervised diet where you eliminate most carbs AND fat, and you go into ketosis, staying there to lose fat. It worked, as I lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks, and I lost all fat. But, it was so restrictive and I ate mostly out of little silver packets of powdered food products mixed with water. So I feel off that wagon, and gained most of the weight back. Plus it was damn expensive to buy all those food packets (who knows what was in that crap), and financially I wasn't in a place in which I could continue that.
This summer, right before I moved half-way across the country (again), I had surgery on both of my calves. Fasciotomies to release all 4 compartments in both legs in order to treat chronic exertional compartment syndrome (chronic cardio, much?). It took 1.5 years to get the diagnosis, finally, and multiple medical, manual, minimally invasive treatments before the docs would bite the bullet and slice-n-dice. I couldn't run for over 2 years, but worse, it had become such a chronic problem, that I couldn't do much of any cardio exercise without becoming symptomatic. I was concerned about resistance exercise creating more muscle bulk in my lower legs (which were like cement to begin with), thus, perpetuating my physiologic problem.
Not exercising turned me into jello. My body fat went up more than 10% in 3 years, even though my weight stayed in the same range, in terms of composition, everything changed.
I found Mark's Daily Apple when I was looking up sucralose, trying to recall, which artificial sweetener brand this is and if it is harmful. I kept reading because...well, who the hell is Grok? What does going Primal mean? And, being a bit of a research geek myself, I was hooked on Mark's wonderful mix of anecdotal notes and science (not to be confused with the ever present pseudoscience that is grossly misinterpreted on an all to regular basis).
So here I am. As I write this today is day 1. I've tried to cut out processed carbs before reading MDA, but this is Day 1 of going Primal. I am confident that this is the way we SHOULD be living. Looking forward to this journey!
Madison, WI
Latin dancing, hiking, running, sports - playing & spectating, indoor/patio gardening (herbs).
Medical Speech-Language Pathologist


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