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About MissRune
I've struggled with weight and body image for about as long as I can remember.
My weight steadily increased all through high school, and shot up when I moved out at age 19.
In April of 2010 I had reached my all time heaviest at nearly 260lbs (at 5'7 it wasn't ok) and I agreed to join weight watchers with my mom. WW sort of worked. It was a lot of work, and I felt socially isolated doing it. None of my friends did it, and though I went to meetings with my mom, all the other people there were her age. In March of 2011 I had manged to whittle myself down to 218, but it didn't last long. My life "blew up" due to a big break up with my (now ex) fiancee, and I had to move back in with my parents due to being an unemployed student.
Now, over the last 18 months (despite quitting WW, then re-joining again last winter) my weight has crept back up to the 240-250 range, though I am leaner than before (a size 16ish instead of a solid 20).
I am scared that I am doomed to be part of the 96% failure rate for weight loss and maintenance. Obesity and diabetes runs rampart through my family, and I am convinced if I end up with diabetes I've "failed" at being a healthy adult.
Some friends of mine were having good luck with the paleo diet, I'd watched the documentary "Fat Head" and seen a video lecture by Gary Taubes (author of Good Calories, Bad calories) and I am convinced the science behind this lifestyle is truth.
After hunting around I settled on the Primal Blueprint as my guidebook, and I am ready to throw myself into this new (old) lifestyle. I am sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired.
I desperately want to get down to and stay at my 170 goal, and for once in my life, feel like I own a powerful and healthy body.


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