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About Misti
A quick note to let you know that I am still going strong, but was finding all the weight loss talk too triggering, so am not checking in like I used to. I am happy to chat, though.


I am Mamma to five sons (aged 32 years to 9 years) and grandma to five boys and two girls (aged 10 years to "any minute now").

I have been very sensitive to grains all my life, and thus have been very sick and in a lot of pain since childhood. From very early childhood, I had hypoglycemia. In my late twenties, I developed rosacea -- but no one develops rosacea that young, so I was misdiagnosed until I was finally "old enough". In my early thirties, I was diagnosed with diabetes and hypothyroid, even though I was "a vegetarian food nut". For 11 years, I managed my diabetes with careful eating and exercise, and kept my blood sugar to normal levels, though a late life pregnancy saw me on insulin and saw my control deteriorate until I discovered - in my mid-fifties - that grains were the problem. In my mid-thirties, my arthritis got so bad that I stopped being able to get around easily.

In 2009, I discovered why I fet so bad, and went gluten free and soon after grain free. In searching for recipes and meal ideas, I kept finding myself on paleo and primal blogs and got curious. I eventually landed on MDA and what Mark has to say resonates with my experience, so I bought the book, joined the forum, and downloaded the Fitness book. I am sticking around to find out more.

I am a Health at Every Size advocate and my goal is health rather than weight loss. (Actually, having been a big girl all my life, I am finding the weight loss disconcerting - and even more so the assumptions that I have used surgical means to enact it on purpose.) But I feel too strong, healthy, and happy to change anything. (I am now at half my original size, and still obese my most of your standards. I have no idea where it will all end, but I remain a big girl in my heart.)

From being unable to get around easily due to pain my my joints, eating primal since 2009 has left me able to walk 2.5 miles 3x per week and I am gradually adding Primal Movements to my routine, though I'm not to the point where most of you would recongize them as such. (I hang on for dear life to the kitchen counter and lower myself as far as I can until I can't take it anymore, then I stand up, shake out my legs, and do it again... that's my "squats". As the days go by, I am able to get lower and lower, though I only started a little over a week ago when Aussienana inspired me to give it a try in spite of how little my attempts would approach the "real thing". I am growing STRONGER!

My goal is to be able to hike with my grandchildren across southern Sweden (where they live) when I retire in a few years -- and then to dance at my grandchidlren's weddings in a few more years.
Victoria, Australia
Walking, getting stronger, writing, photography, paper crafting, pagan spirituality, and homeschool.


Grain Free since 2009, WP from 2005
~100% primal (because anything less makes me very sick)
Goal: hike across Sweden with my grandchildren when I retire in a few years


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