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  1. Tell me more about the iodine and the water with apple cider vinegar. That sounds interesting..and congratulations on the scale moving :)
  2. Hi! Thanks for the message. I thought I should pass along some luck in the past couple weeks; maybe it'll help you too. I basically kept my carb cycling the same (I do 150g on lifting days, 50g on off days), but I increased my protein by 50g/day and decreased my fats by 50g/day. I also started doing a 1600/1100 calorie splits on workout/off days. All this, plus being obsessive about fish oil, iodine, and plenty of water with apple cider vinegar, has finally caused the scale to move. I've dropped 6 pounds and 2% BF in the past two weeks. This is after years of the exact same weight and BF, regardless of time of the month or bloating or whatever.

    So, just thought I'd share. I feel like i may have hit upon the secret equation for me: LOTS of protein and less fat.
  3. I just wanted say hi and that I feel your pain. I have been eating low carb for 4 months but just started Primal yesterday. I run,lift do yoga but weight has not moved in a couple of years. It has me upset too.
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