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  1. We went to the AFM this morning and got some grassfed ground beef for $5/lb, natural pork sausage $4/lb and some lamb. They had 2 farms with fresh ckn,pork,beef and lamb and had all kinds of cuts, seems like the best cuts go early, we got there about 9am and the ground lamb and chops/loin were gone. Everything looked good, we also got some fresh cream with no added preservatives and whole milk yogurt no added junk. They had veggies but seemed over priced.

    You should hit up the Farm stand in Campton, they have AMAZING prices! The squash/zuchini $1/lb, $2 baskets of peppers and tomatoes.
  2. [url][/url]

    We haven't gone to that one yet. i get emails from the above link however and haven't tried them yet either. check them out. they sound good too. let me know what ya'll find.
  3. Have you guys ever gone to the Athens Farmers Market? My husband and I are hoping to find some good beef there tomorrow.
  4. Thats great, I never thought I'd find someone near me who follows PB. My husband & I both do PB and it'd be great to meet. I probably wouldn't be able to join you guys those days because of my schedule but I will keep it in mind. We belong to the Beth. Y so I do all my workouts there right now. We definitely frequent that Publix, we live off of Hwy 11. It will be cool to trade some local spots for eggs, veggies, meat, etc. Have you guys ever done a cowpool? I was trying to get one together in the next 4-5 months. Thanks for the message...We are leaving for Cocoa Beach in the morning, but when we get back maybe all of us can get together. Nice tattoo! -Kara
  5. hi jade, i'm just down the street from you in Monroe, ga. sounds like you are doing very well on the PB. I started in march and lost 35 lbs. i haven't weighed since the end of May...i don't own a scale. i weigh at my school in covington during the school year. we've got a little work out group that meets m, w, f at 8 a.m. at my school. we have a blast and wanted to extend an invite to ya since you are so close. my wife and i would love to meet you some time that's convenient for you. we shop at the publix in bethlehem often. take care and grok on! todd
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