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About Nycea Pacific

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About Nycea Pacific
I am the forum member formally known as (Prince! lol) Candyland Canary. I didn't feel this username fit me anymore.

The reason is that while I did suffer from a sugar addiction (which IS a thing, not kidding, it's for real) and a number of ED symptoms, I have since basically cured these conditions. Both turned out to be a mask for untreated chronic depression and adult ADHD. When I got on meds, the ED stopped COLD. It was eerie. It went POOF. That alone was enough to allow me to control my sugar intake. But it was only when I went through LCF and ketoadapted (as of May-June this year) that I became entirely cured of my sugar and carb problems.

I now avoid carbs beyond non-starchy vegetables (and little bits in nuts and cheese, shellfish etc). AND I DO NOT MISS THEM. This is NOT BS. I stand before you as proof that you CAN in fact quit carbs and ketoadapt. Hell, if *I* can do it, anyone can. I was a hardcore sugar freak. Now I crave protein and fat.

And I've never been calmer, happier, healthier or had better control over my ADHD/depression.

So I'm no longer a hyper-intolerant of food pre-diabetic person getting yanked around by carbs all day. So I'm no longer a 'canary', and I got the hell out of 'candyland'. I still live right in the middle of IRL North America, which is basically Sugarville, Grain County, Carblandia. But I'm free of that crap.

And my Grokette exercise of choice is walk/sprinting occasionally by the pacific ocean. 'Nycea' is a zoology geek thing- it's the old latin name for snowy owls. I figured my Grokette self ought to have a 'spirit animal' or whatever, right? lol.

Anyway, if anyone is curious, I am not 100% paleo. I do fine with dairy, I like extra firm pressed tofu. I don't think peanut butter is going to kill me. I love unsweetened cocoa and have it EVERY DAY! I also am a unapologetic caffeine addict who, conincidentally, doesn't drink. I never have.

So basically I'm a freak! I actually consider this a compliment. :) Early 30s, art geek, designer/illustrator, agnostic, progressive, blah blah. Oh yeah, and I'm a girl. I'm Canadian. That's about it.


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