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  1. Nope, you're right! I'm in Boulder, but I head down the Springs quite often (my parents live there). I'll let you know when I'm down there next!

    Have a great day! :D
  2. Yeah! Melody went hiking up another trail with Peggy and John and it was so hot she almost lost her lunch & had to sit under a tree for a while. When she made it back down she and I had to hang in the shade for a while before we started back down the hill. I get like that too if I get too hot, I'm a 70 degree kind of gal. :)

    Let us know if you're in the area and visa of my sisters is up in Ft Collins so you're really only a hop, skip and a jump away...unless you're not really in Boulder and I've been pretending? *lol* I'm lucky I remember my [I]name[/I].
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