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  1. Why thank you very much for your kind words. I wish you great success on your journey :)
  2. well thanks, I appreciate the words. I know I wont change my tastes, Cuddly is just so much more fun. it I suppose started once upon a time as cuddly girls will be less picky about me and appreciate me more as they get less attention but now that I have grown up some it really is the look I prefer. And on that note, may I add that you are pretty as all get out. ;)
  3. Hello Warmbear,
    I was reading your thread about your taste changing in...
    I had to just leave a note here for you and your lovely wife, since that thread seem to have taken on a new life. I think being way more than cuddly myself, you are who you are on the inside. Changing on the outside is all tangiable but the inside is solid. I feel that for myself that being really overweight for a significant part of my life has made me into a humble and don't take life for granted type of person. I think starting to get off track, sorry. You like what you like and i don't feel that will ever change because you love her no matter what. I hope you are both happy and continue to grow in your marriage and find a happy balance. Best luck in your journey. :)
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