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  • What went wrong ???

    What went wrong? I tried NO wheat/ mostly Primal diet for five weeks, I increased meat consumption,added cheese, nuts and coconut oil to my diet, added some more vegetables .I had my cholesterol level checked, and it went UP from 290 mg/dl, (HDL92 , LDL=92,TRI=96,non LDL cholesterol=198) to 328mg/dl (HDL=100,LDL220, TRI =42mg/dl,non LDL 228) I am 5.4″ tall,wt= 126 Ib , BMI=22, with 30 % fat. I do exercise at least 3x/wk and walk about 4.5 miles /day at work (nurse ) I gained about 1lb. To much cheese ???..PLS HELP! Thanks -

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    It's the coconut oil. My LDL dropped from 275 down to 165 when I cut it out. Also, eat more meat for satiety, cut out the nuts and coconut oil entirely for now. A little cheese should be fine as a garnish, just don't go inhaling a block a day.

    At 5'4" you can easily start your meals with a good 10 ounces of meat, then sides of veggies, ferments, some fruits, etc. I highly recommend a "steak and eggs" style for rapid loss, but with occasional starchy root tuber supplementation to keep your gut flora healthy.
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      You gained 1lb in 5 weeks... my weight can change 5+ lbs a day depending on the time of day I weigh myself and the contents of my digestive system...
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        I agree with Knifegill that the increase in cholesterol could likely caused by coconut oil. It could also be the cheese/dairy. Different people respond to different things... differently :-) I also recently noticed a drop in my cholesterol (~300 -> 218). I honestly think that my reduction came from reduced stress. I don't think I changed my diet or exercise all that much.

        Should We Be More Reluctant to Have a Heavy Butter/Cream Intake? - Paleohacks

        I also agree with ryanmercer. The weight fluctuation is so small as to be insignificant. Don't waste any brainspace/worry over it.


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          My total cholesterol and LDL jumped by 70 points each, to something like 174 LDL to 224 LDL, BUT, my triglycerides went down to 44 from 104.

          LDL is generally not measured directly, but calculated using the Friedewald equation because it is cheaper. Very high triglycerides throw off the calculation, and some believe that very low triglycerides do the same. So, unless your LDL was measured directly, they may be giving you an incorrect number.

          The Iranian method to calculate your LDL:

          This study of Japanese women found that if they ate a high energy meal 12-18 hours before fasting for lipid testing the Friedewald calculation gave them low LDL numbers, but a low energy meal gave them high LDL numbers...

          I just might try eating a high carb meal the night before my next lipid testing fast just to test this.

          I can't find the bookmark to the link about the low triglycerides throwing off the LDL calculation. I bookmark so many pages...

          Also LDL can be tiny and artery clogging or big and fluffy and not dangerous, so ask about your LDL particle size as well.

          LDL particle size: Mayo Clinic - A New Way to Measure Cholesterol: Particle Size Indicates Risk

          Johns Hopkins: Heart Health on LDL cholesterol particle size: Special Reports

          My HDL rose from 34 to 57, I am extremely pleased about that. Of course, the doctors are really after me to take a statin, but 72% chance of getting diabetes for an 18% chance of preventing cardiovascular issues isn't for me thanks.

          I do know my diet, which at the time my lipids were tested included zero coconut oil. I just got some of that about 2 weeks ago and I'm in love with it!

          I WAS eating 3 eggs a day with 1 quarter cup quinoa with butter for breakfast and 3 pieces of meat/fish with skin, yum! at lunch and dinner each. Sometimes no veggies at all... Dark chocolate and butter unlimited...cheese, who can stop? (I think I said, butter, yum! to the endocrinologist a couple weeks ago when she was mentioning my higher cholesterol levels.)


          I also didn't exercise much or get out into the sunshine.

          I checked out and read The Primal Blueprint from the library last year and they wanted it back, so I had to read a page here that Mr. Sisson wrote about LDL rising on this diet.

          I'd say walk a mile every day if possible in the sun (being fair skinned I wait until after 3 pm) and each some fiber, like an apple, a lemon or an orange with your meals, fiber (the kind in an apple, soluble or insoluble can't recall) blocks absorption of some of the cholesterol.

          Read the page here that Mr. Sisson wrote about LDL rising when going primal will fill you in on what you can do better.

          Why Did My Cholesterol Go Up After Going Primal? | Mark's Daily Apple

          For me feeling healthy means much more than a number.

          Now if I can get my thyroid straightened out!

          High cholesterol can also be caused by low thyroid:

          I am trying to eat primally, kosher (no I'm not Jewish, but would like to be), and for my thyroid health (ocean foods and thoroughly cooked goitrogens).

          So far I've only got a big toe dipped into Primal and I've lost 49 pounds, so I say don't give up, stick with it.
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            One thing I would like to note... you're female. There is zero correlation between total cholesterol and heart attacks in women. The fact that your trigs decreased seems encouraging.
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              5 weeks is too short of a time to measure cholesterol from dietary changes. Give it 3-6 months then reassess.
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                Originally posted by namelesswonder View Post
                5 weeks is too short of a time to measure cholesterol from dietary changes. Give it 3-6 months then reassess.
                Yup. Cholesterol normally fluctuates that much even in the absence of any dietary change.


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                  Originally posted by Wildrose View Post
                  One thing I would like to note... you're female. There is zero correlation between total cholesterol and heart attacks in women. The fact that your trigs decreased seems encouraging.
                  There's an INVERSE correlation between cholesterol and all cause mortality in women. The higher your cholesterol is, the better off you are.
                  Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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