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  • Need weight gain

    I am writing on behalf of my wife Christine. She is 61, 5ft 9, and 111 pounds. Her weight fell sharply after our kids were born 33 years ago; she managed to put some back on over the years, but as of late she is stuck. She is currently on a Candida Fast, as she has struggled with a sweet tooth most of her life, this is also adding to the weight loss.

    Any suggestions would be helpful, she would like to be around 126 lb.
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    Eating more food in general will help with weight gain significantly. But if she can't handle adding extra solid food then liquids are the way to go. Whole milk will work wonders for putting weight back on. Just adding 2 cups of whole milk to every meal is an easy way for her to increase her overall calorie count and give a good ratio of carbs/protein/fat.

    Also, lifting heavy things and doing full body complex lifts such as squats are a great way to increase appetite. That should at least help her to get into a routine of eating more food throughout the day.

    Hope that helps!


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      What about bone broth? It's very very nourishing and should be easy to ingest, try as soup or add to vege and meat dishes.

      Eggs, add an extra one to anything.

      Whole milk was a pretty good idea. She could try a warm milky chocolate drink before bed.

      Butter on the veges.

      Baked custards.

      Try to avoid empty calories such as rice, unless used as a carrier for more nutrient dense foods.

      Nut butters. Bananas. Dried fruit. Cheese.

      Food should be appetising and easy to eat/chew ie slowcooked meat, tasty cooked veges. Steak and salad can be hard going, and easy to give up on before eating enough.

      Best wishes to you and to your dear wife. I have no experience with underweight as an adult but these are ideas that I would use for tiny small for age child. HOpe something here helps.
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        Whole milk, heavy cream, cheese.

        Massive calories in a small package, and they "stick to your ribs".


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          We should have a weight gaining competition.

          Ha, I could gain like 1000kg in a week eating massive amounts of cheese.