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A Brief Review of PrimalCon

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    Wow, great write up. Mark's report and the pictures from the convention looked awesome too. Man, I wish I could have been there too.


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      Thanks again, Timothy!

      iniQuity, I have had the Gokhale book for a few months now. I tried doing some of the things in there, but, much like working out, it would really help to have someone to coach me. Watching the video that Mark posted (Gokhale at a googlebooks seminar) helped tremendously. At least to get the shoulders up and back in the ratcheted position, or, as Crossfit's Kelly Starrett says, "shoulders up in the rack, thumbs facing forward, not each other."

      I was talking with a neighbor a few weeks ago. He's in great shape, does yoga, etc., but he's been seeing a chiropractor for years about his back problems. I told him about the book, showed him what I'd learned in the video, and leant him the book. A few days later he thanked me and said that his troubles are almost gone. He is very familiar with working out, and has a lot of awareness of his body, so he absorbed what he'd read so far. I told him to finish the book, then help me out. I'm hoping that we can make further progress together.

      I hope that maybe some attendees can fill in somethings that I may have left out. You know... like a coach.


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        Hi Timothy,

        It was great meeting you and everyone else at the conference. Your writeup really captures the essence of the experience. There were several things that really stuck out for me:

        First, absolutely every staff member and speaker involved with the event were fabulous. Nice, friendly, well organized, and easy to engage. This was a very welcoming environment and I can't believe how hard these guys - everyone - worked to make our experience a great one. I found inspiration and new information from start to finish. Just great.

        Second, the people who attended were really awesome. Everyone I met had an interesting story and they were just easy to talk to. It was so fun to be around so many people with whom we shared values. I feel like I made some very strong personal connections and am looking forward to seeing people at the next primalcon, if not sooner.

        Third, the conference seemed appropriate for all ages and all levels of fitness. I'm a bit older and perhaps a bit less fit than most, and I did well enough and had so much fun. Okay, so next time I'd like NOT to get quite so sunburned on the first day, but that was really my own doing!

        At the end of the conference Mark asked us what we'd do differently and, truly, not much came to mind. It was that good. The only comment I heard was that there wasn't much (planned) downtime. By design they tried to pack in as much as they could for the weekend and I appreciated that "give them as much as possible" perspective. I took a nap during one of the lunch breaks and reclaimed a bit of energy that way. I sure did sleep well at night though

        I'm still beaming from the weekend!


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          Jtkeith, it was wonderful to meet you as well. You were the very first person I met, in fact!

          I couldn't agree more about the professionalism of the staff. Aaron, Angelo, Bradford and Farhad were all very helpful and organized. Tyler and Connor were a serious inspiration and I regret not getting the chance to learn more about them. Next year, I hope!


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            Wow! I can't wait to go next year! It sounds like heaven.


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              I want to chime in with how awesome PrimalCon was. On our drive home DT and I started a list of resolutions of things to improve & work on. And instead of the 2-3 we'd intended, we had tons because we were so inspired by the training and example of all of the speakers.

              Angelo inspired us with how invigorating the morning warm up was when we were sooo sore. Nicki inspired us to want to look into hemp clothing and better personal care products. Brad reminded us to take the break days and not feel guilty. From Michael's training I'll be practicing my elbows position and high knees for sprinting. I'll be practicing Barefoot Ted's stair hop drills. I'm working on the posture Maya taught us (don't sit on your tail!). And I'll be working on my shoulder press motion and squats with the exercises Philipe taught us. Farmer Phil inspired us to make more of an effort to find a local CSA. And the primal plunge? Well that just reminded me to stay out of the ocean in the spring unless swept up by some crazy primal urge caused by tons of other crazy primal folks.

              Overall, as everyone else has said it was just wonderful. It's hard to put into words. We really got to live the ultimate stress free primal life with beach walks, massages, ultimate frisbee, DELICIOUS primal buffets, and some great dark chocolate. We had so much fun getting to know everyone and hanging out! Because of course all of the activities could have been so much less fun with a less awesome, amazing, inspiring and fun group of people to do it with. Mark & worker bees: it was pure awesomeness, thank you!

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                Plus... hanging out with Mark in the hot tub, chatting with him over dinner, hearing about the PB straight from him, chasing after him in the ultimate frisbee game = as awesome as you think it would be = really awesome!



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                  Vanessa, thanks so much for sharing your perspective! I especially appreciated hearing about the parts of the program I had to miss. When I read about not sitting on our tails, my coccyx popped backwards ever so slightly.

                  Face time with Mark was as incredible as you say. I only had a few moments with him, but in that time I was touched deeply by his authenticity and kindness. I'm hoping a bit of the mojo rubbed off, making me a more effective ambassador for primal living.


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                    This. Sounds. Amazing.
                    Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!


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                      I'm in for 2011!
                      Rangers Lead the Way, Hooah!


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                        Where are the pics posted???
                        Rangers Lead the Way, Hooah!


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                          Thanks for posting all of these wonderful details. I'm so glad you were able to attend.


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                            When can we sign up for 2011? And 2012? 2013?

                            I'll be attending every Primal Con from here on out - I'm serious!
                            Find me at Cheers!


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                              Just want to say I look forward to meeting you all in 2011 and beyond. This was just the first year and I'm quite confident that Mark and his elite staff will show us an even better time on the next go round. It is my fond wish that my little boy will get to go to PrimalCon every year of his life. That's the kind of education I want for him -- meeting folks like you and living primal from birth!


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                                I sent a note to the site about this but maybe some people here are more in the there any footage from the classes that have made it to youtube? I saw one quick 45 second talk by barefoot Ted and some people jumping in the ocean but that was it.

                                I was hoping for next year they could do something along the lines of the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) expos and let people stream it or something? I mean this is a pretty big movement so I'm sure it could be justified.