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Is PrimalCon for Me?

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  • Is PrimalCon for Me?

    I am VERY new to PB, just one week in on the food part, and trying to figure out the exercise part (can't find the workouts mentioned in the book on the site). I would love to attend PrimalCon, and have secured the time off of work, have the funds...HOWEVER...I am pretty overweight, not in the greatest shape (although I spent most of last year doing CrossFit and LOVED it)and don't know the program inside and out, yet. So, although it is already stated that this weekend is for all fitness levels, I REALLY don't want to get out there and be the last at everything...and slow down the whole crowd. I feel like this could be a PB Immersion program of sorts...but, do you think this is for me?

    Thanks much for any suggestions and/or advice!

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    Welcome! Well, lucky for you, the food part is the hard part! It's definately a change from CW! As for working out, especially if you're "not in the greatest shape", start slow.

    Go for a walk. Then go for another walk the next day. Nothing too long, maybe 15 or 20 minutes. Take it easy.

    As for other workouts, I need something structured to keep me on track. There are a lot of things out there, like P90X, but those are NOT for the beginner. You can look into "P90". It's the pre-P90X workout and is mainly cardio or resistance bands. Again, go at your own pace, you may not even be able to finish. But after a couple weeks, you will. Check it out...

    Do things right and don't over do it and over train. You'll burn yourself out and get discouraged.

    As for PrimalCon, even if you don't participate at that level, take notes, get ideas and adapt them to your fitness level.

    Give it time. You'll lose weight, feel better and will get in better shape! Be patient!


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      ChefShelby, I am at an intermediate fitness level at best. I am registered and ready to go to PrimalCon and had the same doubts as you did but then I realized that there'll be tremendous support for those of us that aren't as fit as the others because that's just how the marksdailyapple community is. If you make it to the conference, which I hope you do, let's hang out. Given that you've done crossfit, I think you'll be do just fine.