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    Those of you that are dropping weight or sizes quickly are you eating dairy, nuts and fruit or just meat and veggies? Do you incorporate honey in your diet? Thanks!


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      I've been primal for 23 months. I lost 3 lbs. and 1 size the first week. Over the subsequent 6 months I dropped another 3 lbs. and another size. Over the past 18 months I've gained 7 lbs. (I'm now 1 lb. heavier than when I started) but have remained the smaller size. My body composition is still changing -- I'm seeing less fat and muscles I've never seen before.


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        Originally posted by elvenhp View Post
        Those of you that are dropping weight or sizes quickly are you eating dairy, nuts and fruit or just meat and veggies? Do you incorporate honey in your diet? Thanks!
        When I was in the weight loss phase, which was around 5 months max. I had virtually no sugars or starchy carbs at all, no dairy or eggs due to allergies, but ate lots of fat including nuts. Fruit I had every day, but stuck to mainly half a banana or berries mainly. Since then to maintain and not lose more I have added more natural sweeteners and potato, sweet potato, and occasional rice. But now I am looking at the GAPS diet to try to heal my ulcer and help with food allergies so I am going to have to stop those exact things for a while again and see if it helps ( very sad....
        Started Primal June 2012 at 148.5lbs, and 5' 1", reached goal weight in 5 months.
        Lowest weight 93lbs - too thin. Now stable at around 100lbs much better weight for me at my age.
        Primal, minus eggs, dairy and a myriad of other allergens.


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          Originally posted by ljp View Post
          Hey all,
          I havent been primal for very long (month maybe) and people are always telling me that females are more likely to gain size (go up a few dress sizes) and store fat rather than tone down (drop a few sizes).
          I am interested to see if girls out there are dropping size or putting it on.
          I dropped 2 - 3 inches round my midriff, which is where I store the most fat, and a few pounds on the scale, to be fair I was probably staying under 2000cals a day throughout, and the main change was switching my primary caloric intake (based on my food diaries) from being starchy carbs and carbs in dairy like milk and yoghurt, to fat.

          My overall intake of protein from meat has risen, I mainly eat beef, lamb and lamb's liver, with chicken, turkey and oily fish being secondary, and overall intake of protein from dairy has fallen, so I'm eating less yoghurt, especially, and for the past few months now no legumes, or grains except the odd bit (say, <30g) or white rice, usually to pad out something like a casserole with lamb neck fillet or skirt steak so it lasts 2 meals.

          Most weeks I trial some new combination because I like to self-experiement and shake things up, so these are an overview of the period since I cut grains, veg fat & legumes out, which was a few months ago.

          I'm in the "normal" BMI range and am in my forties, exercise with walking and Pilates.

          That's my experience so far.


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            I've gone from a dress size 20 to a dress size 12 (US) since switching to primal.
            I've dropped about 30 or so lbs over all, but my body shape is way different and I've put on a lot of muscle.

            I eat dairy products, though not as much as I used to, and some nuts (though I keep clear of nut butters).

            I think the size loss/ weight gain thing really depends on how much fat you have to lose vs how much muscle you're putting on. A lot of people here bulk up a bit, but find their overall measurements decrease. I believe this is why a lot of people here pay attention to body fat percentage as opposed to weight or BMI.

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              Since starting Primal I've not really changed, but before that I was on Atkins and kicked most of the carbs from wheat / pasta and sugars. At my heaviest I was pushing 170lbs. I started Primal at 150lbs 2 months ago, and haven't really dropped - I've hit 148lbs but never for long, so I'm not really counting it.

              I feel healthier on the inside, and enjoy eating this way so I'm sticking to it, knowing it's a few tweaks away from weight loss. I'm aiming for 130lbs.

              I've reduced dairy alot, now just in coffee and I use butter. I eat cheese v rarely but it appears in something every week..... I don't eat nuts or legumes, eat one piece of fruit a day and quite a bit of veggies with dinner.

              Welcome and good luck.
              Primal - June 3rd 2013
              Starting Weight - 150lbs
              Current Weight - 150lbs
              Goal Weight - 130lbs
              (Female / 5'4")


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                Well, I started at 340 lbs... I can safely say I have gone down many dress sizes. 235 lbs now.
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                  At my heaviest I was 210 lbs (at 5'6" ) and still managing to fit into a size 14 jean. Around 180 after 18 months with a lot of ups and downs (recession-induced stress, injuries) and still a size 14, but loose in the waist, for sure.

                  My thigh measurement stayed the same (26" or so) but I'm on my fourth belt notch (43" to 39" waist). It seems like I lost a lot of my upper torso fat (under bust line) and definitely dropped a bra size.

                  I still have thirty or so lbs to lose, so I anticipate losing a jean size, but as long as my clothes fit more loosely, I'm happy.
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