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Official PrimalCon 2011 Attendence thread!

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  • Official PrimalCon 2011 Attendence thread!

    Who is attending PrimalCon 2011?

    I am!

    30 y/o male here - strict Primal diet for 9 months, gym rat for past 15 years

    Also bringing my non primal/paleo conventional health (but in shape and fit) 41 y/o sister with me. Love to hear from others who are signed up to attend!

    what's your story?
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    I just signed up for it today. I'm also in the Denver area (Castle Rock).

    I am 48 and have been (mostly) Primal for 2.5 years.


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      I'm in too! I'm in NYC. I've been thinking about this since the summer and finally committed tonight. It will be a relief to not have to explain why I'm not eating bread for 3 days. :0) I'm a bit scared, because I'm a not a big joiner. But I'm excited to meet other people who are living a similar lifestyle and to hopefully become even more dedicated!
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        I'm in - living in Houston. I've been primal off and on for a little bit more than a year. I'll be at 6 weeks 100% primal at PrimalCon.


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          I'll be there with my GF

          I'm from phoenix AZ. 33 year old Male. Crossfitter and paleo/primal eater for 3 years now. We went last year and it was one the best vacations that we've been on.


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            I'll be there and bringing hubby along. Been primal for close to a year, hubby following along for the most part. I'm nearly 43, he's 45. Looking forward to learning lots, meeting like minded folks, and getting motivated to take the primal lifestyle to the next level.
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              Hi everyone - I will be there coming all the way from Australia. I am new to primal and crossfit this year and enjoy both. My biggest challenge is dealing with stress and then the insomnia and sugar cravings that follow. Looking forward to meeting others following the PB lifestyle.
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                I can't believe PrimalCon is two weeks away! I am very excited
                ad astra per aspera


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                  I'm so excited! I leave in 9 days!


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                    I'll see you all there.. 38 y/o male... like Synntropy I went last year. Flying down from San Jose. You all are gonna love primalcon! Been primal about 1.5 years.

                    ~ Lars


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                      my husband and i will be there. both 35 y.o. new to primal living. active, but not in top condition. hoping this will really light our fire!
                      see you soon!!!!
                      happy thursday!