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Depressed on my first day, need some advice

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  • Depressed on my first day, need some advice

    I've repeated this sort of day a few times now. Breakfast was left over roast pork, with some veggies, and fat (which I shared with my 15 month baby). 5 hours later I stilll was not actually hungry. My stomach felt flat and my body was not signalling me to eat. BUT.. my mind! I feel depressed. Low. Planning my next carb fix. I got home from an hour walk, and even though I thought I should eat the rest of the roast port for lunch, it was not calling me the way it normall does. But, I feel so down.. ( It could be PMT, period is due any day now). But is this downess normal? I so want to get off the carbs and eat primal which I know is the best for me. So now I'm eating junk and drinking wine to make my self feel better.. HELP!!!! What do I do? Am I just weak willed?

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    How many days have you been trying to eat Primally? Have you read about "carb flu" in any of the posts in this forum? Maybe that's your problem. If it is, it will pass. But do read up on it.


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      Try planning some interesting meals to get into it. I know its not easy with little kids (I have 4 of them) but try something like a frittata for brekky, salad with roast chicken for lunch, yoghurt with berries, I like minced turkey with red onion and cajun spices. None of these are hard to do. I found when I was starting the trick was to eat more than I usually would then it just evened out over a little time.

      Keep the meals varied and interesting and try to get out of the house for some exercise every day, you'll get there. don't beat yourself up when you go for the junk. Just resume the good stuff next meal.


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        its breaking an addiction, your body and mind will resist it. if you stay on it after a while your body and mind adjust. yes, dont beat yourself up when you give in. but to keep yourself from giving in realize when you give in that you are reseting your addiction.
        also, i consider wine to be ok, i still have mine. Focus now on getting rid of grains, sugar, processed food.


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          One thing that worked for me when dealing with this, and trust me we all deal with it, was something I read on an Intermittent Fasting blog "I don't have to eat anything I don't want to eat" I changed that around to "I don't have to eat anything without proper nutritional value, or at least SOME nutritional value" and it really helped me stay away from all refined carbs and such.

          Nobody's perfect though, but I feel that when I cheat or allow myself to eat garbage I'm making a conscious decision to do so and it doesn't feel as bad. You're always in control and you always have the choice.
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            Originally posted by Coconut View Post
            I so want to get off the carbs and eat primal which I know is the best for me. HELP!!!! What do I do? Am I just weak willed?
            Getting off of carbs is not the Primal Diet. IMO, you are not weak willed, just add more of the proper carbs to your diet. The goal is to always balance carbs with fats & proteins per the chart below. Mark also advises EASING into the diet just to prevent the downess you are experiencing.

            You are supposed to eat a LOT of fruits and veggies which are mostly low carb foods, as we see in the above chart.

            As we see, 50 to 100 carbs a day, and that can be a LOT of carb foods.

            Best of health to all,
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              Thank you all for your good advice. Grizz, you are very correct. I just get a bit confused with what Mark's pyramid says and a lot of the advice here seems to push fat and protein above all else, though the pyramid says other wise. Think I jumped in too severely and couldn't handle the crash. I actually feel better with more fruit so I will try again tomorrow.


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                Originally posted by Grizz View Post
                i love you, grizz.

                HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


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                  Please don't feel bad about getting confused. There is NOTHING more confusing and contradictory than diet + nutrition. Thank GOD we have Mark to clear up this mess for us!

                  What some of the members here are promoting is the Ketogenic Diet where they strive for ZERO CARBS just as in the Atkins Diet.
                  KETOSIS puts us into a 3 week FUNK with headaches, fogginess, and general malaise as described by Mark here:


                  [THAT LOOK OF KETOSIS - Confusion, Headache, Weak Knees ]

                  I may slowly ease into lower & lower carbs over the next 6 months. Until then I am just going to focus on that Sweet Spot of 50 to 100 carbs each day. I am definitely not ready for Ketosis at this time.

                  Best to you,
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                    Adjusting to very low carb (VLC) takes some time and isn't really at ALL necessary. I went/am VLC trying to shed body fat, but honestly, I went overboard with it and stopped eating fruit all together - though I was never a big fruit eater - and even stuck to the lowest carb vegs around, which also happen to be very nutritious so it was a win-win in my book. I'm so used to it now that adding back some of those good healthy carbs is actually a challenge, and since I got used to NOT pointlessly snacking it's harder to reach for that apple or something unless I'm actually hungry. Now what I'm doing is having some fruit, or berries or something after my meal as a dessert.
                    I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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                      To be honest I love fruit. I actually feel better and more clear headed if I have fruit and not much else for a while. But then I love to have a big serving of protein and I love vegetables. I am sure caveman would have devoured the whole berry bush when he came across it. :Looking at everyones experinces, and my own battle to lose weight, I wonder if we are all just simply eating too much?


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                        I suggest simply being patient and by this time next year, you will be at your ideal weight.

                        I have met people who have lost 50+ lbs by simply giving up all grains & sugars. No additional exercise, no gym, and nothing else special.

                        It is the WHEAT that is responsible for an amazing amount of health problems:
                        * IMAGE: Wheat Belly, weight gain, Bad Cholesterol, Brain Fog, heart disease, lost energy

                        * MDA - WHY GRAINS ARE UNHEALTHY

                        * Wheat Free Diet gets AMAZING results:

                        * Grains - Fat melting away from not eating grains

                        * Wheat - Makes us feel Hungry

                        * Wheat - Visceral Fat, Man Boobs, Breast Cancers, blood sugar, Big Belly

                        * Wheat Benefits = none

                        * Wheat-insulin resistance,diabetes,heart disease,hypertension,cancer,arthritis,cartilage

                        * Wheat - Your Brain on Wheat

                        * Wheat Severe Joint Pain

                        * Wheat the Nicotine of Food contributes MIGHTILY to Diabetes



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                          Grizz.., that you very very much for the links! I totally agree with you in regards to wheat. I've almost given it all up - almost. Isnt it interesting though that wheat is actually just a grass seed...I'm reading here more and more that the high fat intake is not working for a lot of women here. I'm one of those. Since playing around with PB eating, my weight has gone up. I'm going to enjoy going through your links. Many thanks!


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                            Originally posted by Coconut View Post
                            Since playing around with PB eating, my weight has gone up.
                            I don't think it's really fair for you to say this and blame the fat, when you also admit that you haven't completely given up the wheat. Have you had a consecutive month or so without grains and minimal sugar?
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                              This may help (shameless plug).
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