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  • Bag for bicycle commute

    I'm currently looking into riding my bike to work everyday. There is a gym at my work where I can shower and change but I am wondering if anybody has any suggestions about a good messenger bag to transport everything in? I know I can always use a backpack or a duffle bag over my shoulder but I am looking for something that is easy on the back while riding, will keep my clothes from looking like a wrinkled mess, and is big enough and has enough pockets to fit everything I need.
    Any suggestions/tips would be appreciated!

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    If you have a bike rack you can use these: : Bushwhacker Omaha - Bicycle Grocery Pannier Cycling Rack Basket Bike Rear Bag - Sold as Pair : Bike Panniers And Rack Trunks : Sports & Outdoors

    They just clip onto the rack and have a strap so you can carry them easily. I've had mine for years.
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      I have known people who recommend bags by Timbuk2 above all else. I personally dislike messenger bags because they always slide around. I just use a regular backpack.

      Folding or rolling your clothes will prevent the wrinkling
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        I commute via bike. Last year I was 5 mile from work, this year I'm 4 miles. I too have a shower. Last year my job was business attire, suits every day. Its relaxed to where I don't need a full suit, but am still in business attire.

        I use two ortieb back roller panniers. They are water proof, large and durable. I place things in bags then in the pannier. (ie laptop bag, lunch bag, purse, ect.) : Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Bag - Pair : Sports & Outdoors

        Whats in my pack(s):
        Monday & Friday: I use both packs. Clothes for the week, rolled not folded. This reduces wrinkles if done correctly. It produces unwearable clothes if done wrong. Two 15 inch laptops (heavy kind). Makeup kit/shower kit. Lunch. Purse. Kindle.

        Tuesday-Thursday: I use one pack. one laptop, Makeup kit/shower kit. Lunch. Purse. Kindle.

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          You can Buy Gripped Bags....they are also popular brand.This comes with Dual pocket with large carry compartment & Double handle with shoulder sling.


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            Nameless, a "real" messenger bag will have a strap to stop sliding. I presently use this: Tri-Color Drawstring Backpack: Clothing

            These kind of bags can be good because they're capable of rolling up and being stowed in my rear rack.



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              Any bag that hangs on you (messenger or rucsack) is not going to be as comfortable or efficiant as one that hangs on the bike (pannier or saddlebag).