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interesting blog article about the first law of thermodynamics

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  • interesting blog article about the first law of thermodynamics

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    Yep - fab blog post. I think Taubes made a similar point in GCBC. The energy equation is so simple an idiot could understand it, and there are a lot of idiots in the nutritionista business.
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      That's a great article. Thanks for posting it!

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        Good web site.

        Brought something to mind though. The second law of thermodynamics talks about entropy. Entropy basically is a "systems' natural tendency to move toward disorder, not order. I wonder how the physics types and the biology types work it out. Entropy doesn't seem to allow for evolution.
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          Ah yeah the entropy one is a good point too. I've heard the argument that that per calorie, our bodies need to spend more energy to process protein than carbs so 50 calories of carbs and 50 calories of protein will have a different impact on weight. Not anywhere close to significant but that theory gets attributed to the efficacy of high protein, low carb diets.

          The first law of theormodynamics would make sense if energy output was static. Its proponents are kind of of banking on that me, a 140 pound active male, will spend about 2500 calories per day and if I ate 3000, I would store the difference. But if I eat 3000 I spend 3000 no matter my exercise. So that's clearly bunk. If an insulin/leptin resistant person is "supposed to" eat 3000 to maintain weight, they can likely eat 2500 and still gain weight. Insulin resistance causes more initial storage of carbs and leptin resistance inhibits lipolysis. Duh.

          It's sad that there are still people doing weight watchers and crap. We need a universal megaphone or something.
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            yeah, nothing in nature can be that clear cut. there are ALWAYS variables XD
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              I wonder if any one has bothered to tell mother nature of all these unbelievable findings of science that effects our energy balance? No wonder I'm gaining weight eating nothing. j/k
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